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We’ve been rather quiet the past month, but we have a good excuse! We’ve been trapped in our own lab turning out a series of updates, improvements and new features for Rental Beam. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but we’re pretty excited about this release. We’re pretty sure you will be too. So without further ado, let’s dive in starting with perhaps the most important new feature of Rental Beam.

Mandatory Update

First off the “Bad News”. Because of the rapid growth of Rental Beam in the past few months, we have had to make some serious changes in how the overall system works. This release is Mandatory; you must update to this version of Rental Beam Plugin Scripts and Devices. We will eventually be blocking access to out of date versions, but we will give you plenty of notice first so that you have ample time to update and prepare. We realize this is a burden on many folks, and we do apologize for having to insist. But in order to assure proper operation of Rental Beam for everyone, this version must be applied by everyone.

Okay … now for the fun stuff.

Real-time Statistics

As a Virtual Landlord, you know what you need to know. There are certain details about your Rentals that are important to keep watch over. Which Rentals are drawing the most interest, which Tenants are overdue on their rent (or about to go overdue), most recent Rental Transactions. Knowing all of these details would make your job a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

Well now you have one place where all of those details and more can be found. All thanks to the magic of Rental Beam. What’s more is that the information is available to you no matter which of the Rental Systems you use: hippoRENT, CasperLet or both. Ready to see an example?

Darrius Gothly’s Example Real-time Statistics Panel

The above link will open my Real-time Statistics Panel. Of course it’s just fake data; I don’t rent land so the information is all bogus. But it gives you a good idea of the information now available at your fingertips. So how do you see yours? That’s the best news of all! You can view your own personal Real-time Statistics using the new Rental Beam Owner Statistics Panel now included in the basic Rental Beam system.

You can read the full details on the new Rental Beam Owner Statistics Panel on our Wiki.

Viral Update

Maybe the Real-time Stats is the most exciting new feature for day-to-day use, but when it comes time to update the most important new feature in Rental Beam is one we call “Viral Update”.

We’re all familiar with the tedious nature of product updates. When it comes to a product like Rental Beam, updates can be very time consuming. We know this and we strive to ensure that the updates we do turn out happen only when absolutely necessary. But like other things … Updates Happen. And now we have a way to make them a lot less painful.

Viral Update works a lot like a virus spreads through the human population. All you have to do is introduce one “Infected” individual, and before long everyone has the flu. With Rental Beam Viral Update, all devices will rapidly update themselves to the new version as soon as you rez one new copy of the same device. The two In-World Vendors and the Plugin Scripts for Rental Beam included in this release now have Viral Update as part of their basic features. Unfortunately you will have to update this release using the old manual process. But after this “one more time”, the next time will be a breeze.

Full instructions for manually and automatically updating the Rental Beam devices and Plugin Scripts are found on our Wiki.

The Rental Vendor

One of our In-World Vendors, the Rental Vendor, has seen some major updates since the last release. We have added a new “Theme” that changes the operation of the Rental Vendor to use a short-range Avatar Scanner for activation. Normally a potential Tenant must “Touch” the Rental Vendor to wake it up and show the Live Rental Listings it contains. The new “Sensor Mode” Theme changes the behavior so that any time an Avatar is within the scan range, the Rental Vendor will wake up and present its Listings. Of course it still works from a Touch just as with the “Single” Theme, but it also works by “Magic” … or at least that’s how we think of it.

Instructions for setting up and using the new Sensor Mode Theme as well as all the other configuration settings for the Rental Vendor are found on our Wiki.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention. You can open the Rental Vendor Settings tool directly from the Vendor itself. Simply click and hold the mouse button on the Vendor for 3 seconds, then release the button. A menu will appear that opens the Rental Vendor Settings page with the Vendor’s Profile already selected.

The Rental Status Mirror

Our other In-World Vendor, the Rental Status Mirror, has also seen major updates and improvements with this release. Not only is it much faster in operation than previous versions, but it also adds some setup features that make configuration much easier.

Among the improvements are two new buttons on the Owner Menu. The first button, called “AutoFix”, will automatically attempt to recover a lost connection to the Paired Rental. (Rental Status Mirrors are “Paired” to a single Rental.) We have found that from time to time, Second Life will “revert” some things in-world and might accidentally break the connection between the Rental Status Mirror and its Rental. When this happens, simply click the Mirror to display the Owner Menu then choose “AutoFix”. It will immediately search for its previous connection and ask you to verify that it has chosen the right one. Of course you can still use “Find Rental” in case it gets it wrong, but AutoFix will save a step or two in case the worst happens.

We have also added a new “Config” button to the Owner Menu. Touch the Rental Status Mirror to open the Owner Menu then click “Config”. You will be presented with a menu that opens the Rental Status Mirror’s Settings page with the correct Profile already selected.

Plugin Scripts for CasperLet and hippoRENT

This release also includes a Mandatory Update to the Plugin Scripts for both CasperLet and hippoRENT systems. We have improved the speed and decreased the lag, and at the same time added a really handy feature that will save you a bunch of time when you replace the old Scripts with the new version. And what is that really handy feature?

The End of Reset / Info

Prior versions of the Plugin Scripts required you to open the Owner Menu on the Rental Box or Meter and then choose either “Reset” (for hippoRENT) or “Info” (for CasperLet). The new versions eliminate the need for any interaction. Updating the Plugin Script is now a simple matter of editing the Rental Device, deleting the old Plugin Script then adding the new Plugin Script. The new version will immediately begin running and then “coax” the Rental Device into giving up all its details. Updating is now a simple matter of swapping scripts and moving on. (We know, it’s still a pain. But at least it’s a smaller pain now?)

Oh, yeah … and after this one last time … Viral Update will make it totally painless.

Shameless Plug Time

We made it this far, so it’s time for a shameless plug. If you use CasperLet and you’re sick and tired of Plugin Scripts … period … then you can use the CasperLet Region Listener instead. It’s a single prim, one device solution that connects to every single CasperLet Rental Box and Meter on a Region. Rez one Region Listener per Sim, do a single Mass Reset of the rental devices on that Sim, and you’re done. When you need to add a rental device, you don’t need to add a Plugin Script to it. Just rez it, configure it using CasperLet’s web site, and Rental Beam will automatically register it.

You can purchase the Region Listener either from the SL Marketplace or at our In-World Store – Rental Beam Headquarters. The Region Listener is also part of our two Rental Beam Packs: Skybox Pack and Large Parcel Pack.

Getting the Update

There are three methods to obtain an update for Rental Beam and the Add-ons that you own. Depending on your level of hurry, you are welcome to use any of them.

  1. If you made your Rental Beam purchase through one of our CasperVend Vendors (for example at the CasperTech Main Store) then you can use any CasperVend vendor to request an update.
  2. If you purchased through the SL Marketplace then you may visit the iGlom RDS Redelivery Kiosk at our main store to request an update.
  3. Wait for the update to arrive automatically.

We will be starting the automatic delivery process to all current owners very soon. If you have purchased a Rental Beam system or Add-On that is included in this update then you will automatically receive an update package. We use a device that waits for you to come online before it sends the update. If you have been waiting for a day or two and still haven’t received an update then please file a Support Ticket and request a manual redelivery.

Rental Beam Support Center

Final Thoughts

This release of Rental Beam is both important and exciting. We have been absolutely amazed and delighted at all the positive feedback we’ve received. It should go without saying that we get all our best ideas from our Customers. So please, help us to keep growing and improving Rental Beam (and our other products too) by taking the time to post Reviews on the SL Marketplace, by filing a Support Ticket with a general suggestion … or do the BEST thing and contact Darrius Gothly in-world.


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