The Next Linden

Ever go wandering around in Second Life? Do you often run into people, or are you basically wandering alone with no interruptions or encounters whatsoever? Well, I found out why. There’s no one at the helm!


When my home region has to restart, I often flee to a Linden-owned region because it’s always up, always empty and always pretty. I hang out there until I can go “home” again. But I’ve noticed some things about the place. Not only is it equipped with a lovely large office building, but it is also essentially empty .. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365.24225 days per year.


Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003
Snapshot_004 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006
Snapshot_007 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_009
Snapshot_010 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_013
Snapshot_014 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_016
Snapshot_017 Snapshot_019 Snapshot_020
Snapshot_020 Snapshot_021 Snapshot_001

There is one Avatar there all the time, but I’m pretty sure it’s a bot and not really manned (or womanned):


The Next Linden?

So with that in mind, I am here to announce the newest member of the Linden Team:


Vanishing Linden


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