Scratchin’ My Head … Again

December 2, 2015 by
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I just got a private message from a Moderator on the Second Life Forums. The message was to notify me that I had violated the Community Standards by using profanity in a post. Now what confuses me is that the Forums have an active “Profanity Filter” that converts all banned words into scrambled letters and asterisks. And I didn’t engage in “creative character games” to avoid said filter either. So what did I do that the filter allowed … but the Moderator didn’t?

Here’s the full message, including my original post, in screenshot format:

Profanity Violation Warning

At any rate, here I am again … scratchin’ mah haid and wunnerin’ …

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One Comment on Scratchin’ My Head … Again

  1. Bart Meldon on Thu, 3rd Dec 2015 4:58 AM
  2. That is the reason why nobody writes on Linden Lab their official forums. Anything you say is a reason to ban your account. Linden Lab did just update their TOS so they can ban you if you write or say anything about them anywhere to anyone.

    They are dictators. If I were you I wouldn’t post on Linden their forums anymore.

    Linden Lab their game is about to crash and now they are anxious about their pending failure.