Back-Handed Compliments

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I tend to have rather sharp-edged opinions on things. As a result sometimes I make people angry. One particular person I’ve successfully angered for quite a few years is a fellow Second Life Resident only with a lot more time “alive” here. We both have pretty good word skills .. and we disagree with each other on almost everything. Sometimes vehemently. Apparently I’ve recently earned another helping of ire. Have a look:

Back-handed Compliments

Back-Handed Compliments

I was always taught that a person’s measure can be generally gauged by examining those around them. But I’ve also heard it said that their enemies are just as important in taking that measure. To be honest, and based on the latter circumstance … I’m not upset in the least.

BTW: The page navigation on that site will take you through a whole series of attacks and slams on me and my Second Life activities. I guess I’ve really been hitting nerves lately.

Missing In Action

But there is another possible reason why I’ve earned so much vitriol. I have not seen this person posting on the Second Life Forums lately. That’s unusual because they are a very frequent contributor. It’s quite possible that they’ve been banned “For Life” (again .. but it never sticks). Personally? I think banning is the wrong response. I think an open-hand and periodic reminders to tone down the personal attacks are all that’s needed. TBH this person is very smart, very well educated and very good at communication. Those are skills that need to be retained in the Forums, not chased off.

For The Record: I did not and would not “RIC” (Report for Inappropriate Content) any of their posts. I might not agree, and they might really piss me off. But my emotional response does not alter their right to post on the Forums. If anyone got banned .. it happened absent any involvement from me.

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