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It’s been gone a long time, but finally the DGP4SL Spider Catcher returns. And now it’s ready to work with V2 of Second Life’s In-World Search.

Spider Catcher V2

Spider Catcher V2

Several years ago when Linden Lab was mucking about with In-World Search, they changed a great number of things on the “inside” of their Search Engine. One of the things they changed caused the very popular Spider Catcher device to break. No matter what we tried at the time, it just would not adapt to the new search technology. Well we’re happy to report that we’ve found a solution to those problems … and finally can re-release the Spider Catcher for sale.

New and Improved!

We managed to make it just a wee bit faster than the old version. In the process we added a neat little tweak that can help improve your Rank in Search. The Spider Catcher V2 uses a name you specify in its configuration. This means you can add Keywords to your Parcel Listing that canĀ help improve your Search Rank. So not only do you get the automatic notification feature of Spider Catcher V2, but you get a littleĀ bonus in the Keyword Relevance department. How’s that for “Bang for the buck”?

What Spider Catcher V2 Does … and Why

When you make changes to your Parcel, such as adding Keywords to the Parcel Description or changing the Parcel Name, you never know when those changes will actually appear in Search. In the old days (before In-World Search V2) you could simply look at your Parcel’s web page and find out. Add a couple hours for index time and there you were. But V2 changed all that and it became impossible to tell when your changes would appear. That meant you had to sit on Search, pounding in search terms, looking to see if you could spot any updates that reflected your changes. UGH!

(You could also use the DGP4SL Search Bot V2, but it’s a fully-featured Search Tool and some folks wanted something a bit lighter weight.)

Spider Catcher V2 is placed anywhere on your Parcel then configured with a basic name and your email address. The name is used to add those precious Keywords mentioned above. The email address is so it can send you a report every time it determines that your Parcel has been indexed. Any time you make changes to your Parcel (change the Parcel Name or Description or add Items that show in search), just use the owner menu on the Spider Catcher V2 to reset it. As soon as your changes have been indexed and are visible in Search, you will receive an email notice.

Purchasing the New Spider Catcher V2

The new Spider Catcher V2 is available for purchase from the SL Marketplace for L$295. Like our other SEO Tools, it is Copy/Mod so you purchase it once and use it on every Parcel you own.

I have the old Spider Catcher …

If you are using the old Spider Catcher then you can simply delete it. It hasn’t worked for several years now. If you don’t want to know when your Parcel is updated, or don’t care how you rank in In-World Search then you’re done and don’t need to do anything else. But if you still want to keep tabs on Search … like so you can help improve your Sales or Traffic … then you may want to check into getting a copy of the new Spider Catcher V2. It’s tiny, but it does its job well. (And cheap too!)

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