The Math Behind the LindeX

LindeX MathThe recent instability in the LindeX Exchange has caused a lot of people to begin questioning the reasons … and the solutions. But to really understand what is happening and why, first we must understand the Math behind the LindeX. Even though I’m not a trained economist, I do know math. Today’s post will hopefully explain things using math but in a basic manner that doesn’t require a sheepskin and a super-computer to comprehend.

LindeX Basics

The LindeX is a basic “Money Exchange”. That means it lets people exchange one type of money for another. The LindeX specializes in exchanging Linden Dollars for US Dollars. Just like many real-world exchanges, the rate of exchange is subject to many varied influences. Unlike real-world exchanges there is no regulatory agency or body of laws that oversee its operation. In other words, it can go nuts as a result of panic and misinformation, but there is no controlling agency to keep it from going too crazy.

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The LindeX Roller-Coaster

LindeX - Declining Linden Dollar“Holy Smoke! What have they done to the LindeX?”

Over the past few weeks, the value of the Linden Dollar has plummeted. There are lots of reasons suggested for this precipitous change. Today we’ll discuss some of my favorite theories. And I promise, you won’t need your Tin Foil Hat .. much.

Before we start let’s review some LindeX™ basics.

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A Word to hippoRENT Users

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hippoRENT - Hippo Technologies LogoI have put off writing this post for a long time now, but it’s finally reached the point where I feel I must. It gives me no great pleasure to write it either, but sometimes I just have to say what I think. Today’s post is exactly that, me finally saying what I feel needs to be said. To put it bluntly … if you are using the hippoRENT Rental Management System then it’s time to find something else.

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The Best Rental Vendor – Multi-Vendor for Rental Beam

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The Rental Vendor is the most important method of showing off your Available Land Rentals. But finding the right Vendor has always been a difficult choice. At least it was difficult until now. Today we introduce the Multi-Vendor family of Rental Vendors designed exclusively for Land Rentals in Second Life.

6-Panel Spider Rental Vendor

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