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The Rental Vendor is the most important method of showing off your Available Land Rentals. But finding the right Vendor has always been a difficult choice. At least it was difficult until now. Today we introduce the Multi-Vendor family of Rental Vendors designed exclusively for Land Rentals in Second Life.

6-Panel Spider Rental Vendor

Two New Members of the Multi-Vendor Family New

2016-06-17 : We have just released two new members of the Multi-Vendor Family. Both of them are 1-Panel style vendors that display one and only one Rental at a time. The new 1-Panel Modu-Vendor has a control panel above the vendor that lets the user step between the Rentals selected for display. This means it works almost identical to the Rental Beam Rental Vendor but adds real-time updating of selected Rentals and does not require the user to click or come within sensor range; the 1-Panel Modu-Vendor is live and online at all times.

The second new member is the 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor. It looks and works just like the Rental Beam Rental Status Mirror but provides the ability to “Pair’ the vendor to a specific Rental using the web-based configuration page instead of requiring in-world configuration. Additionally it can be configured to select a list of Rentals, automatically displaying the next selected Rental when the first one has been rented.

The Rental Vendor Done Right

An active Land Rental business is all about constant change. Rentals start and end at all times of the day and night. Rental Management Systems like CasperLet and hippoRENT help automate a lot of the process. Rental Beam was created to help automate the Marketing and Sales side of the business. But while Rental Beam has been able to provide a new level of automation to Internet Rental Listings, there really hasn’t been a fully automatic In-World Rental Vendor. So we made one.

Our new family of In-World Rental Vendors takes all the best features of our two previous Vendors and combines them into one incredibly perfect solution. Because it’s designed to work with the Rental Beam system, it brings all of its most popular features to an In-World solution. The Multi-Vendor family offers a number of display styles, simple configuration from the Rental Beam web site, a customizable list of Rentals and fully automatic Real-Time Updating. In short, the Multi-Vendor devices solve all of your In-World Rental Vendor needs at once.

Multi-Vendor Layout and Land Impact

Land Impact, also called “Prim Equivalence”, is an important factor in anything you use In-World. When it comes to something that must be rezzed lots of times (like Rental Vendors) the lower the Land Impact, the better. We’ve taken great pains to keep the Land Impact of the Multi-Vendor devices to the lowest values possible. We’re proud of the fact that the lowest price 6-Panel Multi-Vendor has a PE of 3.

6-Panel Multi-Vendor Rental Vendor

Even the largest version, the 12-Panel Modu-Vendor has a PE of only 8.

12-Panel Modu-Vendor Rental Vendor

The two middle members, the 6-Panel Modu-Vendor and the 6-Panel Spider Vendor, have a PE of 5.

6-Panel Modu-Vendor Rental Vendor

The two 1-Panel members have a PE of 2 and can select a nearly unlimited number of Rentals for display.

1-Panel Modu-Vendor Cutout

1-Panel Mirror-Vendor Cutout

You will be able to rez a lot of these new Rental Vendors without using up a ton of Prims.

Just Your Available Rentals

The most important function of any Rental Vendor is the display of just those Rentals that are currently Available for Rent. This is where the Multi-Vendor Family really starts to shine. As Rentals become Available and when they are Rented, they are automatically added to or removed from the Rentals shown on the Multi-Vendor.

It all happens automatically too. There are never any “Already Rented” panels shown to prospective Tenants. Every Rental shown on a Multi-Vendor is Available for Rent right now. When one is Rented, it is removed from the Multi-Vendor’s display. When a Rental becomes Available, it is automatically displayed again. You never have to edit, touch, modify or adjust anything. And because it is controlled by Rental Beam, the Multi-Vendor is always 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Selecting the Rentals Displayed

The Multi-Vendor Family of Rental Vendors also gives you a large number of options to select which of your Rentals can be shown. Using the web-based configuration tool, you can select Rentals based on the full or partial Rental Name, Land Group, Region, Price, Prims, and Area. You can also choose the order the Rentals are listed.

For example, you can choose to have Rentals shown in order of increasing price, decreasing price, increasing Prims, or even put specific Rentals first by selecting Highlight as the first Sort Criteria. You can make sure all the Rentals on a single Region stay together, or you can sort them by Rental Name. The Sort Criteria options are configured using the web-based interface. Any changes you make are immediately sent to the Multi-Vendor and show up within seconds.

Rental Details and Displays

It’s important to provide your prospective Tenants with as much information as possible. The Multi-Vendor Family of Rental Vendors can display Floating Text above the Vendor. The information shown can contain details from the selected Rental as well as fixed text.

You might have it display the Rental Name, Price, and Prims as well as specific text about the type of Rental shown. Whatever you choose, the Multi-Vendor configuration makes it easy to set up. You can even turn off the Floating Text if you wish.

Rental Information

When a prospective Tenant clicks on the Current Rental shown on the center panel, the Vendor will “talk” to them in Nearby Chat. You can configure exactly what it says, including details from the Rental as well as specific text. You can even include links to contact a Customer Service Agent or open your web site, all configured from the web-based configuration tool.

Teleport to the Rental

Perhaps the most important step is getting the Tenant to the Rental. The Multi-Vendor offers a number of methods to help them Teleport to the right location. For example, you can configure the Multi-Vendor to give them a clickable Teleport Link in Nearby Chat.

You can also set the Multi-Vendor to automatically open the Teleport (World) Map. Nothing is more obvious than having the Teleport Map appear instantly when they click on the Vendor. With all the options available, you can be assured that prospective Tenants will know exactly how to get to your Rental, no matter which method you choose.

Purchasing the Multi-Vendor

The six members of the new Multi-Vendor Family are available for purchase immediately at the Rental Beam Headquarters in Second Life, or from the DGP4SL Store on the SL Marketplace:

6-Panel Multi-Vendor 6-Panel Modu-Vendor
 6-Panel Spider Vendor 12-Panel Modu-Vendor

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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