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It’s time to bring some better technology to Rental Beam

Rental Beam started when my Landlord asked if I could list his available rentals on his web site. I said yes, and before long the idea took off. Over the years since I created the first set of plugin scripts and built the web site tool, Rental Beam has grown tremendously. At this time there are over 200 registered users and more than 13,000 rental properties listed. Last year I had to take the step to upgrade the web hosting service and database management from a low-cost shared service to a much more robust dedicated setup. It’s proven expensive but worthwhile as the reliability and performance of the Rental Beam product continues to amaze even me.

But there’s also a lot of “Old Tech” out there that needs some serious updating. To help bring Rental Beam and its tools and tech into the modern age, I have decided to offer existing Rental Beam users a Free Upgrade. Upgrade to what? Well, let me explain.

The Rental Vendor

Rental Beam Rental VendorThe very first In-World Vendor designed for use with Rental Beam was a workable but somewhat clunky scripted device. It could display available rentals from a list, but it could only show them one at a time. It also required the prospective Tenant to “Touch” (click) on it in order to wake it up. When touched, it would phone home, get the current list of available rentals and then display the first one in the list. Arrow Buttons allowed the Tenant to step between rentals, but they could be turned off in case the Owner wanted to force the prospect to see only one possible option. Overall it worked, but it was hideous to keep operating. It still is, even though I’ve made a number of upgrades and improvements in it. There are still quite a few of them operating today. (Last count was just over 200.)

Replacing the Rental Vendor – The 1-Panel Modu-Vendor

Rental Beam 1-Panel Modu-VendorLast year I released a new technology for Rental Beam In-World Vendors called the Multi-Vendor Family. Unlike the Rental Vendor, the designated replacement in the Multi-Vendor line, the 1-Panel Modu-Vendor, is fully configurable from the Rental Beam web site. It also has the advantage of being fully “Live”. That means that it automatically updates itself as rentals come and go. As soon as a property is rented, it is removed from the list of rentals shown on the vendor. When a property becomes available, it is added to the rentals shown. You can also select which rentals will be included using a number of selectors including Land Group, Price Range, Prim Count and even text matching within the rental name.

If you are currently using the Rental Vendor with Arrow Buttons to display your available rentals, you should consider upgrading to the new 1-Panel Modu-Vendor. Unfortunately there is no migration tool that allows you to rapidly convert from one to the other. But as an incentive to help you make that move, I am offering a free copy of the 1-Panel Modu-Vendor to anyone currently using the outdated Rental Vendor. All you have to do is contact me via IM or Email and I’ll send the upgrade as soon as I can.

Note: If you have disabled the Arrow Buttons on your Rental Vendor, keep reading about the 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor.

The Rental Status Mirror

Rental Beam Rental Status MirrorMy next In-World Vendor for Rental Beam was the Rental Status Mirror. Unlike the Rental Vendor, the Rental Status Mirror is a “Live” vendor. It was designed to “Pair” with a single rental property. As the property changed from available to rented and back again, the Rental Status Mirror would automatically update its display to show the current Status. Thus it mirrored the paired property’s status. It worked much better than the Rental Vendor, but it had some serious drawbacks. Not only did it require configuration in-world, meaning only the Owner could configure it, but it also suffered problems with rough Sim Restarts and would often lose its pairing. Even though it frequently requires daily oversight, there are still quite a few of them in operation. (Last count was over 230.)

The 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor

Rental Beam 1-Panel Mirror-VendorThe direct replacement for the Rental Status Mirror is the 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor. Also a member of the Multi-Vendor Family, the Rental Beam 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor is fully “Live”. However unlike its predecessor, the 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor offers some major advantages. You can fully configure it from the Rental Beam web site. It can be configured to display a list of rentals using the selection criteria as all other members of the Multi-Vendor family. The major difference is that it does not have any Arrow Buttons to allow prospective tenants to cycle through the list. They will see just the one rental at the front of the list. As soon as that property is rented, it will be removed and the next property in the list will be displayed.

If you are currently using the Rental Status Mirror or you are using the Rental Vendor with the Arrow Buttons turned off then the 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor is your ideal replacement. Again there is no migration tool, you will have to manually configure each one. But since that is done from the web site rather than in-world, the process is much easier and faster. Getting a free copy of the new 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor is simple. Just contact me via IM or Email and I will send you a copy as soon as possible.

The Catch to the Upgrade Offer

There isn’t one. I have always worked hard to make sure my customers have the best products to use in their daily lives. For a long time now I have been unhappy with the performance and clunkiness of the Rental Vendor and Rental Status Mirror. I am happy to offer this free upgrade to all of my Rental Beam customers now using the older vendors. Even though they are priced L$300 more than the earlier versions, I feel it is a worthwhile price to pay to keep the system and its users happy.

If you own either the Rental Vendor or Rental Status Mirror and want to upgrade for free, please send me a message via IM or Email and tell me which of the two you would like to receive. If you do not currently have one of the older vendors rezzed but you do own it, please rez at least one copy so I can verify your request.

The Large Parcel Pack and Skybox Pack

The two Rental Beam Packs have been upgraded as well. The Large Parcel Pack previously contained the Rental Status Mirror. It now includes the 1-Panel Mirror-Vendor and its price has been increased by L$200 to L$2895. The Skybox Pack previously contained the Rental Vendor. It now includes the 1-Panel Modu-Vendor instead. Its price has also been increased to L$2895. If you purchased either of these Packs from the In-World store using the CasperVend™ vendors, you can request a redelivery and avoid contacting me for your upgrade.

Alternative Upgrade Offers

I am also offering a L$300 rebate on the purchase of any other vendor in the Multi-Vendor Family. If you currently own either the Rental Vendor or Rental Status Mirror and you wish to upgrade to one of the multiple panel Multi-Vendors, please purchase your desired upgrade through the Second Life Marketplace then contact me for your L$300 rebate. I will be doing this all by hand, so I ask your patience in the process. You can see all of the Rental Beam Vendors on the Marketplace here.

Contacting Me for the Upgrade Offer

You may contact me using several different methods. I would prefer an Email to as it allows me to keep better track of who you are and what you want. However you may also send me an In-World IM. You may also file a Support Ticket with the Rental Beam Support Portal at

Whichever method you choose, please make sure you state your full Second Life Account Name (not your Display Name) and which of the two Multi-Vendor upgrades you want. If you have purchased one of the other Multi-Vendor family and wish to receive your L$300 rebate, please make sure you state that clearly in your request.

Again, please make sure you have at least one copy of either the Rental Vendor or Rental Status Mirror rezzed in-world before contacting me. I will need to verify that you have the product rezzed before I can send the replacement vendor or rebate. Thank you for your cooperation.

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