Rental Beam Going Secure and a New Report

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Rental Beam is Going Secure

Security and the Rental Beam Web Site

Since the very beginning of Rental Beam, it has always lived on a plain old web server. Nothing special was done to provide over-the-wire security. There were two reasons: Price and Need. At the time it was rather expensive for a web site to obtain and maintain a Security Certificate. The business model for Rental Beam just didn’t have the room to pay for the Certificate. Secondly we felt that since Rental Beam cannot directly change configuration of the Owner’s Rental Devices and furthermore could not and does not participate in the Owner’s Linden Dollar account, security was a lesser concern. But … times change.

Rental Beam and Website Builders

In the last year or two there has been a great increase in the number of Website Builder sites such as Most of these sites require that any outside content (such as Rental Beam’s Listings) come from a Secure Server. Because Rental Beam was not hosted on a Secure Server, it could not be integrated into a or similar self-built web site. Well, we fixed that.

Now that the Rental Beam web site is Secure (uses https:// at the start of the URL) it also provides a secure connection for use with website builder services. The Home & HTML Generator now provides HTML code that is accessed using a secure connection.

Note: The in-world images provided by Linden Lab’s servers are still not available via a secure connection. Various pages within the Rental Beam web site will report this as a warning. When Linden Lab updates and begins providing their images via secure internet, that warning will disappear. At this time we have no ETA on when they will make the change.

New Rental Transactions and Changes Report

Running a successful and profitable Land Rental business in Second Life requires knowing as much as you can about your rental properties. Unfortunately the two Rental Management Systems supported provide both differing and very thin reports. We’ve been listening to the feedback from our customers. As a result we have released a new Rental Transactions and Changes report that drills down on your business and its operation.

Rental Beam New ReportThe new report is named “Rentals and Changes V2” and is available via a new menu option under the Reports section. (as shown to the right) Two different Views are available in the report: Sorted by Date and Sorted by Region/Rental. Both views also offer a “Download XLS” function that allows you to save the transactions on your local drive and use the data in your own financial duties.

Sort by Date View

The Sort by Date View displays all rental transactions within the selected dates sorted so the newest transactions are listed first. You can select the desired date range and choose which type of changes will be listed. Within the on-screen report, you can click on a specific Parcel/Rental name to view a drill-down report showing all changes for that specific Rental.

Rental Beam Trans by Date

Sort by Region / Rental Name

The Sort by Region / Rental Name View displays the transactions and changes within the specific dates selected, grouped by Region and Rental Name. This view gives you a full detail review of every change that has occurred for each Rental. You can narrow the report by entering either Region Name or Rental Name criteria.

Rental Beam Trans by Region Rental

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