Updating the Rental Beam Region Listener

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Rental Beam Region Listener

Rental Beam Region Listener for CasperLet™

Adding any new feature or function to your existing Rental Management System (RMS) is usually a time consuming process. You must visit each and every rental device and add one or more “Plugin Scripts” to it. If you have more than a handful of devices, the process can take a lot of time. When it comes to connecting Rental Beam to your CasperLet™ RMS, you might be thinking you’ll need to do the same. But you’ll be happy to know … that’s not true.

The Region Listener – How It Works

Region Listener FaceplateEvery CasperLet™ rental device also sends out Sim-Wide messages that communicate its status, actions and various other details. The Rental Beam Region Listener “hears” those messages and relays them to the Rental Beam web site. No matter where the Region Listener is located on the Sim, the Region Listener can hear each and every CasperLet™ device you own on that Sim.  It will not listen to rental devices owned by others, only those you own. It also cannot hear the rental devices from other makers. But what it CAN do is eliminate the need to put a Rental Beam Plugin Script in every rental device. That’s a massive time saver!

Region Listener Versions and Updates

The current release version of the Region Listener is v2.2.15. However the prior version v2.2.14 is still an active and supported version. In the next few days we will be sending out mandatory updates to those Rental Beam users that still have prior versions (v2.2.10 and v2.2.11) in operation. Note: The update is FREE! There is no charge to obtain the current version of the Region Listener. If you are using v2.2.14 and wish to update to v2.2.15, just send me an IM or an EMail and I’ll get one to you as soon as I can.

Starting with v2.2.14, the Region Listener sends not only basic rental information to the Rental Beam web site, it also reports when sub-tenants are added and removed. Very soon we will be releasing an update to the Plugin Scripts (update will be v2.2.06) that will perform the same function. Once Rental Beam is able to record the sub-tenants for your rentals, the Tenant Taxi (included free in the Skybox Pack and Large Parcel Pack) can be configured to provide a TP Link to the correct rental for both the Primary Tenant and all their sub-tenants.

How To Update the Region Listener

Updates are always a royal nightmare. We get that. So we’ve made the process of updating a Region Listener as simple as possible. Just follow these steps:

  1. Rez the new version Region Listener then touch it once to start it running.
  2. Delete the old Region Listener.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do. About six hours after you’ve removed the old and rezzed a new Region Listener, the Rental Beam web site will spot the update and notify you via IM and EMail.

If you need to find your Region Listeners (and who doesn’t?) then you can use the Region Listeners page on the Rental Beam web site. Each Region Listener detail block contains a teleport link that you can click to take you directly to the Region Listener In-World.

Feedback and Questions

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Rental Beam and any of its products. If you are having a problem that requires some detail to explain, please file a Support Ticket at the Rental Beam Support Portal. You can also send me an EMail at any time. Simple questions can be sent via IM if you desire. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. Some of the best ideas in Rental Beam have come from our customers. Maybe yours is one we can use to make the product even better!

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