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DGP4SL Teleporter Store Lower Store

Some time ago an unplanned event forced the sudden closure of the DGP4SL Teleporter Store in-world. Various other unplanned events then got in the way of bringing it back to life. Well finally all those pesky interruptions have stayed away long enough that ….

It’s HERE!

Teleporter Store Layout

The DGP4SL Teleporter Store is actually two stores. One is located at 1000m in the air; the second at 1500m. Why two stores? Simple. When you are looking for an easy to use Teleporter, you need a good test to make sure it really works. By setting up two stores filled with demos of all the Teleporters we sell, you can rapidly teleport from store to store. In fact the transition is so smooth sometimes that we had to color the walls different so you’d know you had teleported.

Teleporters on Display

All of the DGP4SL Teleporters are available for testing and purchase on both levels. You can see and ride:

Teleporter Demos

Testing the teleporters is very easy. Regardless of the type of teleporter, the primary method is to “Touch” or left-click. Where you touch and when you touch, those are what set each teleporter type apart.

DG Flyer Family – Each of the teleporters in this group are called by touching the Location Ring or landing pad. The Flyer family teleporters are each given a Network Name and then may have up to 12 separate Location Rings. When the teleporter arrives, touch it once to jump on board then select the desired destination from the menu that appears in your SL Viewer.

InstaFlyer – The InstaFlyer consists of a Server and as many Location Rings as you wish. Touching a Location Ring calls the Server to rez a teleporter on the pad. Touch the teleporter and choose the desired destination from the menu.

Sign Flyer – The Sign Flyer is a point-to-point teleporter. When you touch one Sign Flyer, you are teleported to its mate. Sign Flyers are mated by giving them the same name during setup. There are actually four types in the package. They are:

  • Wall mount, arrive facing the same direction
  • Wall mount, arrive facing the opposite direction
  • Floor mount, arrive facing the same direction
  • Floor mount, arrive facing the opposite direction

Visiting the Teleporter Store

The store is open 24/7 and I am often around. If you have a question and need help, just send me an IM.

Visit the DGP4SL Store on SL Marketplace


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