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In-Region Teleporter

Rental Beam connects Land Rental businesses to prospective tenants. In-world Vendors and live web page listings advertise vacancies and attract customers. But sometimes getting customers to the rentals is difficult. The Rental Beam In-Region Teleporter Add-In is the perfect solution to one of the trickier situations.

Teleport vs. Teleporter

It is important to distinguish the difference between a Teleport (or “TP”) and a Teleporter. The former is a common means of getting from place to place in Second Life, the latter is a device that helps you move around in a similar way. The major difference between the two is that TPs are often restricted whereas a Teleporter is mostly unrestricted. The Teleporter’s freedom is what makes the In-Region Teleporter Add-In a fix for situations such as Skybox and Apartment rentals.

The Forced Landing Point Problem

Second Life provides a setting that forces all teleports within a Parcel to land at a preset location. This is useful for stores, clubs and other venues that want visitors to land at a common area or entry point. The problem is that it also prevents a direct teleport to the rentals. All normal methods of directing prospects to rentals is defeated because every normal teleport simply brings them right back to the forced Landing Point.

The Teleporter Solution

The Rental Beam In-Region Teleporter Add-In solves this problem. A Teleporter is not constrained by the Landing Point; it can go anywhere in the Parcel. A Teleporter can thus get prospective tenants directly to the vacant rental, typically a Skybox or Apartment above the central Landing Point.

Adding the In-Region Teleporter

The In-Region Teleporter is not a standalone product. It is an Add-In to the popular Multi-Vendor series of in-world vendors. You must already own one of the Multi-Vendor family before purchasing the In-Region Teleporter. Once purchased, addition of the Teleporter to your vendors is a very quick process taking less than a minute for each vendor. We will also be releasing versions of the most popular Multi-Vendors with the In-Region Teleporter already included.

Limitations of the Teleporter

Just like all similar Teleporters, the In-Region Teleporter has some limitations. First the target vacant rental must be on the same Region as the Multi-Vendor. The In-Region Teleporter cannot teleport prospective tenants to other Regions. However the Multi-Vendor is smartĀ  and will display a World Map in those cases. Secondly the prospect must be standing within 10 meters of the Multi-Vendor so the Teleporter can be rezzed. If they are further away, the World Map will be shown.


The In-Region Teleporter Add-In is available for L$395 from our store on the SL Marketplace or In-World at the Rental Beam Main Headquarters. As always please feel free to send all questions to Darrius Gothly or file a Support Ticket for further help.

In-Region Teleporter Faceplate

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