Critical News for V1 Search Bot Users

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If you are using the V1 Search Bot from DGP4SL then the following information is critical to your Rank in Search. Last year the In-World Search Dev Team announced a change in the way the Search Engine interface would be replaced by a new engine (based on the SOLR/Lucene engine) and a new API. They were nice enough to provide a bridge interface that allowed older Viewers and programmed devices to use the new Engine through the old interface.

While this was a very nice gesture on their part, it has had some unintended consequences. The method used to access the old interface is much more wasteful of network bandwidth and Search Engine resources. Because of that extra waste involved, it has been in our plans to remove all older Search Bots as soon as possible. Well that time has come.

If you are still using the older Search Bot (recognizable by its logo image as shown below then you must either remove it from use or upgrade to the newer Search Bot V2. The new Search Bot (fully described in a previous post Search Bot V2 Update Released), uses the exact same configuration Notecard now in use by older V1 Search Bots. This means that upgrading is simply a matter of copying out the old Config Notecard, removing the old V1 Search Bot then rezzing out a copy of the new Search Bot V2 and dropping the Config Notecard inside.
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The Unknown Hunt

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Logo for The Unknown Hunt

July 7th thru August 7th, 2010

One of the newest “Things You Gotta Do” in Second Life is an activity called a “Hunt”. The name pretty much says it all, but there are some nuances and tricks to them that I never knew about. Thanks to the patient tutelage of Yasmine Alvord, I’ve started learning more and more about them. It’s beginning to look like they’re great ways to bring traffic to your store, but it remains to be seen just how many of those come to look at other stuff, and how many come to grab the freebie and run.

As a result of her gentle nudging (and a nicely worded notecard sent to the proper people) I have signed up for and been accepted into The Unknown Hunt (their Blog is here). Since I’m such a n00b at these things, Yasmine was nice enough to explain to me that the people organizing The Unknown Hunt also happen to be some of the best and most experienced around. I’m beginning to believe that as I get more and more information from them and realize what all goes into this process.

This will be quite the experience and education. I’ve already sent them the Freebie Gift that I will give away. Figuring a lot of the folks on this hunt will be after apparel and related items, I chose to make the gift a complete set of The Replacers. Now, I just have to find a good place to hide it.

Oh, while I’m thinking about hiding things, if you haven’t used Wireframe Mode to search for the Gifts on a Hunt before .. try it out. It’s a bit disorienting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can really spot things you never saw before. The keyboard shortcut to enable wireframe mode on most viewers is Ctrl+Shift+R; once to turn it on, again to turn it off.