When Hearts Are Broken

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Second Life™ is a world of amazing things. Amazing sights, imagination and creativity. But among the most important amazing things Second Life™ provides are the lives we encounter and the loves we find. Eight years ago, one such love began when Jessica Bonnin walked her avatar into the rental office of Jim Cornwell. At that very moment, Jim knew he had met the woman that would complete his life and become his wedded love. Sadly on December 27th, 2017 that love ended suddenly and unexpectedly.

Ocean Apart – Worlds Together

Jim and Jessica lived on separate continents. Jim in the USA, Jessica in the UK. But with the magic of Second Life™, they were able to spend nearly every day together as if the physical distance between them was no more than the distance from desk chair to keyboard. They lived in each other’s lives as much as they could, each and every day. Seldom was one seen without the other nearby. They were inseparable.

After many months of planning, Jim was able to arrange a one month visit to Jessica’s home. He arrived just before Christmas 2017. They had a whole month’s worth of time together planned. Life was wonderful, family was around and with them, they had everything to look forward to. They were even finalizing the last details in the quagmire of bureaucracy needed to move Jessica to the United States to live with Jim forever.

A Dream Dinner Out

One of Jessica’s desires was to spend an evening dining at the restaurant Dan le Noir. An eclectic establishment where diners are in pitch darkness. Their meal was wonderful, everything they had hoped it would be. But just after the last morsels were consumed, as they anticipated the arrival of the waiter to escort them to their ride, Jessica suddenly collapsed … and never rose again.

Paramedics worked desperately for an hour and a half as Jim stood by, breathless and unbelieving. Terrified, devastated, watching as his love and soul lay dying on the floor. Graciously the doctors said that she passed without pain and without suffering. But death, sudden and unexpected as this, is never painless for those left behind.

The Lives She Loved

In addition to Jim, Jessica leaves behind three children ages 25, 22 and 18. Her coworkers and the company she worked for have graciously provided for her funeral services and will be contributing to the support of her children. Jim, along with his sister, will be returning to the USA at the end of their original visit near the end of January 2018.

I am one of the many 100’s of lives that Jessica touched in Second Life™. If you knew Jessica, if you know Jim, please feel free to add your recollection and comments to this post. Jim will be reading your words and I am sure every word will be of comfort to him.

The Long Awaited Next Post

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Copyright Law and Second Life

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It’s no big secret that there are literally thousands of items for sale in Second Life™ that violate Copyright Law. When Mesh was added to the platform, the sudden flood of copied and otherwise ill-gotten items virtually exploded. For their part, Linden Lab has tried to keep a lid on things, but the attitude of most people using Second Life seems to be one of “everyone else is doing it.” To say it makes LL’s job harder is a gross understatement.

Today’s post comes about as a result of an interesting conversation I had with a fellow SL Resident about their intentions and opinions on Copyright Law. It was a follow-up of sorts to a post they made on the SL Forums asking for someone to help them break the law .. and my response to their post.

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Meeting People in Second Life

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Meeting People in Second Life - The Great OnesI’ve been using Second Life since 2008. In fact, my Profile tells me that I’m over seven years old! GACK! No wonder my animations move slower these days.

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Rectal Monetization

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International MonetizationEvery business has a primary goal that must be observed and pursued at all times. That goal is “make money”. The way most businesses make money is to exchange it for products or services with their customer base. The exchange is above board, visible and recognizable by both parties. It usually has a well understood value equation; the amount of money given has approximately the same value as the products or services received. But this method of exchange is antiquated in today’s Internet Age. The new income mechanism is called “Monetization” and it comes in a wide array of methods and processes, not all of which are pleasant or acceptable.

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The Lowly Slide Show

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Your first day in Second Life is generally spent trying not to run into things or other people. The second day is spent in open-mouthed wonderment at all the STUFF to be seen, touched, used and just plain experienced. After that you start realizing how much like “The Jetsons” Second Life can be. But for most of us, every day from the first onward is spent in the company of someone we know well. Family, friends, beneficial acquaintances … whatever the relationship, chances are good you will find moments you wish to keep forever. Presto! The size of your SnapShots folder starts to grow.

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The Beauty of Live Art

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Live Art as Duet DanceMy apologies if the title of this piece has misled you. My goal in today’s post is to point out a method of software and systems development that is proven to work very well for all parties involved. It’s been given lots of names over the years, none of them formal. In fact the whole approach is rather informal; probably much of the reason for its lack of exposure and use. (Management doesn’t like “informal” things, they’re too hard to quantify.)

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Safe Handling of Internet Files

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Safe Handling of Internet FilesIt’s pretty common these days to hear of data breaches, virus infections and computers essentially hobbled by malware stuffed in every corner of the hard drive. I’ve found that a lot of the reason these things happen is because people lack basic knowledge of how things work. With some background information, I’ve also found that people learn rapidly not to expose themselves to risks and threats. Since I’m a lazy cuss and I’ve grown weary of teaching the world one measly human at a time … I wrote this post.

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I had an idea : Fighting Cancer

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I was busy doing stuff and half-watching TV. A commercial for a national Cancer Treatment Center came on and caught my attention. It gave me an idea. So I asked my oldest son to put something together and this is what he did:

Cancer - Can Survive

Cancer? Can Survive!

Please feel free to distribute this animated GIF free of charge and without limitation.


Of Calendars, Carts and Horses

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carts and calendarsOne of the things that most annoys people is when their personal schedule gets disrupted. We all have our own personal schedule; it’s pointless to try and deny it. Many of us carry ours around at the ends of our arms (cleverly concealed as a portable communications device … Mwaahahahahaaa!)

Another hot button for people is this issue of Respect. Gosh! Here is the USA it’s almost state law in some places that you get shot for disrespecting someone. (Okay, maybe I’m stretching just a wee bit … sorry.)

Is It So Much To Ask?

So is it really that much to ask that Linden Lab pay attention to our Personal Calendars AND show us some Respect by giving us:

  • Proper Tools in Advance
  • Proper Notice
  • A chance to Comment on the Schedule

… Apparently so. Never mind. Just an old curmudgeon being curmudgeonly today.

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