More Steam, Cap’n!

It’s been just under a week since my first post on the news that Second Life was listing itself in the Steam catalog of titles. (If you haven’t already, it might help some to go read that post first. Steam Powered Second Life) Since that post, I have been reading many comments and blog posts from others regarding the subject. As usually happens in a diverse community such as that inhabiting Second Life, opinions and predictions wander from one pole to the other. But there are some points that seem to be pushing their way to the forefront that I think bear some review … and possibly a bit of rebuttal/clarification.

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Steam Powered Second Life

In case it escaped your notice, Linden Lab very quietly announced that they will soon make the Second Life Virtual World available via the online gaming portal known as Steam. If you’re not familiar with Steam and its slice of the internet-enabled population then it would be wise to take a few moments to wander around their site and get an idea of what they offer and more to the point, what they feature.

Welcome To Steam – Click to open the Steam Home Page


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Life as a Number

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I spend a good part of every day “Listening” to the wide community of people that contribute to and populate Second Life. I read the Forums, read various Blogs and diatribes, and even spend a good part of time watching the JIRA. I do it mostly because I get some very good ideas for new products that way, but also because I like staying in touch and “in the know”. It does chew up a fair amount of time some days, but usually not that much … and the value returned for that investment is and has been very valuable.

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Social Community, Human Beings and the Internet

In case you’ve been living in a technological cave over the past decade (and if so, why are you reading this?) the most profitable ventures on the Internet these days are those that incorporate a level of “Community” among their user base. Corporate Giants such as Facebook¬†have grown to be the size they are because they found a way to increase the sense of Community among their customers. In fact, Facebook itself is all about Community, sometimes using gimmicks and games to try and increase the connections between people.


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Whew! Finally! The Return of the DGP4SL Blog

It’s been a long time .. WAY too long .. since I’ve been able to post my thoughts, rants, kvetches and general ruminations on this blog. The reasons are many and varied (and yes, I’ll bore you with all the details) but it sure feels nice to be able to vent again. But first things first, what’s changed and why the Blog is back.
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Happy Holidays

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First of all, I would like to wish all of my customers, friends, (SL) family and the random folks that I bump into or share bandwidth with on Second Life an upcoming few weeks of intense bonding with good friends, family and loved ones … all sans conflict, strife and unplanned episodes of dishware hurling. In other words folks …

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Everyone at
DG Products for Second Life

Now lets all go out there and enjoy the fact that we’ve survived another year and that we have the joy of family and friends with which to share that bountiful reality.

(Will someone please hand me that eggnog … and the “upgrade” bottle as well? Thank you!)

A Place To Dream

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“So this newbie walks onto a Sim …”

It looks like the intro to a really lame joke, but it’s actually the set of circumstances that leads to someone asking the most oft asked question around Second Life. The exact words vary from asking to asking, but no matter how you string the words, the question is still the same.
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The Case For Last Names

Not too long ago there was a fundamental and wide-ranging shift in the Chi of Second Life Residents. This change in the very essence that makes us who we are (and by “us” I mean all of us that use and live in Second Life) was brought about by the removal of the Last Name option when registering for a new Avatar account. Every new account since the change was rolled out has been stuck with the perfunctory last name of “Resident”.

As usual, I gots problems with it. But before I launch into my tirade (diatribe?), I’d like you to take the time to go read the comments on the existing JIRA asking Linden Lab to return Last Names. When you come back, press on to read my thoughts on this topic.
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It’s All About Communication

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If you are a parent, or a manager, or you’ve ever had cause to direct someone else at a task then you’ll no doubt recognize that stating exactly what is needed and what is known are crucial to good task management. One can imagine a conversation that goes like this:

Mom: Johnny? Did you take out the trash?

Johnny: Sure did Mom!

Now on the surface, you might think the task was completed, but because Mom wasn’t explicit about WHERE she meant (other than “out”), Johnny was free to create his own definition … and that probably means just outside the back door but NOT in the garbage can. Dad will find out when he comes home.
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Changing Economics of Cable News

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Back in the halcyon days of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow, News Agencies were a separate department within the larger Network Communications Media companies. They weren’t profit centers for the Media Company, and they operated with a sense of detached isolation that allowed them to report the real news … good, bad or indifferent … no matter who or what the story was about. Not only was this isolation important to the News Agency themselves, but it was just as important, if not more so, to the people consuming the News they reported. Unbiased News wasn’t just a concept, it was their mantra.

But then in the late 1980’s, the News Reporting Department stopped being a mere department within a larger organization and started being the whole focus and reason for its existence. Ted Turner (along with others of course) saw the appetite of the consuming audience and set about to feed that hunger. His fledgling Cable News Network (what we now know as CNN) was a radical departure from the way it had always been. Then as if to validate his gamble, the first Gulf War erupted and launched the fledgling shot in the dark company into a combination of News Reporters and News Headlines themselves. (Talk about right time, right place .. wow!)
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