Back-Handed Compliments

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I tend to have rather sharp-edged opinions on things. As a result sometimes I make people angry. One particular person I’ve successfully angered for quite a few years is a fellow Second Life Resident only with a lot more time “alive” here. We both have pretty good word skills .. and we disagree with each other on almost everything. Sometimes vehemently. Apparently I’ve recently earned another helping of ire. Have a look:

Back-handed Compliments

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I Have Dreams

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The Explosion of a DreamI first came to Second Life at the suggestion of a good friend. (She’s still listed in my profile.) Upon arriving, and after gaining some basic skills that allowed me to build and script and design, I started NOT seeing it as a game or a virtual world. I stopped seeing the user interface, the jagged edges on rendered shapes, the glitches and hitches that pepper the experience. I started seeing it as a canvas, blank and wide and inviting me to color upon it anything I wished.

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I had an idea : Fighting Cancer

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I was busy doing stuff and half-watching TV. A commercial for a national Cancer Treatment Center came on and caught my attention. It gave me an idea. So I asked my oldest son to put something together and this is what he did:

Cancer - Can Survive

Cancer? Can Survive!

Please feel free to distribute this animated GIF free of charge and without limitation.


A Troubleshooting Tip

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NOW WHAT?!?We’ve all run into this situation: While wandering around Second Life the viewer suddenly and inexplicably exits or crashes. Kaa-BOOM! No safety net, just straight to the Desktop or worse … The Dreaded Blue Screen of DEATH!! Gahhhhh!!!

So you mumble under your breath, count to 10 then launch the viewer again. And thus begins a many-day adventure of near continuous crashes. No matter what you are doing from then on, things just will not seem to work properly again. What is going on?

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Shameless Plug Time

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Militant Moderates CSS Parent Selector MMPSWordPress™ is one of the most popular and robust CMS available today. Even better is its price: Free. Lots of people use it to host their own blogs, documentation, even their whole web site. In fact, the DGP4SL Blog (this stuff you’re reading now) is built using WordPress.

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