Time Travelling with RDS

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The past few weeks have seen some pretty dramatic changes in the functionality provided by RDS. What started out to be just a plain old “send another copy to…” system has rapidly morphed into a virtual Swiss-Army knife of functions and reports for Merchants selling on the SL Marketplace. Until today’s release, the advantages that RDS added to a Merchant’s toolbox were strictly limited to sales made after they subscribed. But now? Now, we can go into the past.
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More New Stuff in the iGlom RDS

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One of the most annoying processes every Merchant goes through when listing their Products for sale on the Marketplace is the association of the Product with the specific Direct Delivery folder or Boxed Item in the contents of the Magic Box. Because the iGlom RDS is also a “Product Delivery” service very similar to the Marketplace, RDS must also have this association set up in its database too.

Rather than forcing you to update each Product one by one, the “Connect Products” configuration page uses advanced web and user-interface technology to connect all your Products with their respective Inventory Items in a matter of a few minutes. Even if you have several hundred Products, you can accomplish the entire task usually in 10-15 minutes.
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I’m So Damn Tired Of Asking …

A couple years ago, Linden Lab bought up the top contenders in the Virtual Goods sales website niche. They laid out who knows how much in money and other incentives and took ownership of both OnRez and XStreet SL. And then they sh*t-canned them both. Granted, they let XStreet live a bit longer than they did OnRez, but the final solution for both was death.

To their credit though, when they first took over XStreet, they did some enhancements that made a lot of good sense. I’ve said it many times before, but probably their best modification to the XStreet platform was they merged the two banking systems (In-World and XStreet) and made it so that if you had money in your “normal” Second Life L$ account, you could use that money to make purchases from XStreet. As strategic moves go, that was a winner. As a technology move, it was the death knell to any contenders. It didn’t take long after that change before all the 3rd party competitors bit the dust. Game point to Linden Lab.
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Something Old, Something New

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This past week as we’ve all been in suspense (and panic, and distress, and hysterics and .. and .. ) over the release of Direct Delivery from Linden Lab, we at DGP4SL have been putting our time to really useful purpose … updating another of our older products and cooking up something new. (And here you thought I was living on the Forums, huh? Well .. fooled ya! LOL) Just to make things sort of poetic, we also kept the old product delivering via Magic Box but uploaded the new product for delivery with Direct Delivery.
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Critical News for V1 Search Bot Users

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If you are using the V1 Search Bot from DGP4SL then the following information is critical to your Rank in Search. Last year the In-World Search Dev Team announced a change in the way the Search Engine interface would be replaced by a new engine (based on the SOLR/Lucene engine) and a new API. They were nice enough to provide a bridge interface that allowed older Viewers and programmed devices to use the new Engine through the old interface.

While this was a very nice gesture on their part, it has had some unintended consequences. The method used to access the old interface is much more wasteful of network bandwidth and Search Engine resources. Because of that extra waste involved, it has been in our plans to remove all older Search Bots as soon as possible. Well that time has come.

If you are still using the older Search Bot (recognizable by its logo image as shown below then you must either remove it from use or upgrade to the newer Search Bot V2. The new Search Bot (fully described in a previous post Search Bot V2 Update Released), uses the exact same configuration Notecard now in use by older V1 Search Bots. This means that upgrading is simply a matter of copying out the old Config Notecard, removing the old V1 Search Bot then rezzing out a copy of the new Search Bot V2 and dropping the Config Notecard inside.
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Marketplace Sales Reports – An Update On The iGlom RDS

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Not that long ago I wrote about a new system I was testing called the iGlom Redelivery System (or RDS). When I first reported on it, there was a plan to implement sales reports but none had been made available yet. Well I just spent some time looking over the new Merchant Sales Reports and I’m happy to say they look sweet. I got permission from the developer to post these screenshots from the RDS Manual (available from the iGlom.com website).

There are six types of reports: Totaled by day, week, month, payer, receiver and product. The daily, weekly and monthly reports detail the sales by day, week or month for each product sold and can optionally include a Units Sold graph for each product. They also include two summary sections,  one that totals all sales by product for the period selected and the other that totals all sales by day, week or month. The payer, receiver and product reports can be filtered by a portion of the name.
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Debut of the Magic Flyer

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It’s time to announce something special for DG Products for Second Life … the debut of our newest Teleporter. If you’re in the market for a simple yet incredibly reliable Teleporter AND you’d like to save L$200 getting one then read on and learn about the newest, most reliable and easiest Teleporter ever found in Second Life.
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Plugging Holes in the Marketplace

October 19, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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Since its release toward the latter half of last year, the Second Life Marketplace has been lacking some pretty crucial features. When the Commerce Team made their initial announcement that a “bigger, better, faster Virtual Goods shopping site” was coming out soon, those of us in the more pessimistic camp belted out a resounding “We’ll believe it when we see it.” Here we are more than a year later and … we ain’t seen it yet.

One of the glaring meta-issues with the SL Marketplace is its total lack of consideration for how Merchants want to work (or already do work). In all honesty, I believe it was written by folks that have never done a day of marketing or virtual sales in their lives. (But then again, in all fairness, if we catch them being merchants then we tend to get all bent that they’re using Alts to make unfair profits … so .. *shrugs*) Anyway, today’s post is about a new product coming out soon that will plug one of the more annoying “Holes” in the features offered by the SL Marketplace: Customer Redelivery of Copyable Products.
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In-World Search – V2 Search Bot Released!

Everyone has been holding their breath, waiting to see how they rank in the new V2 Search announced by Linden Lab. If Search is important to you (and if you want to find anything in Second Life, it should be) then you’ve probably been checking the V2 results and trying to compare them against the old V1 results. Some say they’re better, some say worse, but no matter which way you feel, you need to know how your store ranks.

Released today is our first product that works with V2 Search – our popular Search Bot. Available in two packages, Search Bot V2 1.0 maintains all the same popular features of the previous Search Bot v2.8. The basic package contains just the V2 version Search Bot, however we’ve also released a Combo BOX that contains both V1 and V2 version Search Bots at a savings of L$250.

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Venetian Blinds – Style, Beauty and Automation

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You’ve spent a long time perfecting the look of your latest build. Every seam matches, every texture lines up just right, it’s the best you’ve ever made … but still something more is needed. It needs that extra something that will set it apart from every other build, but it has to be something that won’t blow the lid off the Prim Count or take forever to install. And it has to be Full Permissions too, because you’re going to sell your Masterpiece and whatever you pick has to go with the build.

You’re in luck. DG Products for Second Life has exactly the right accent piece to finish your new structure in style … Venetian Blinds. Fully operational, the DGP4SL Venetian Blind works with a single touch. Rich in detail, the Venetian Blind not only adds the classy look of this popular window treatment, but measures up to even the most finicky of designers. It even includes a Remote Control for operation from a Central Location. The Venetian Blinds can be configured to operate by themselves or in Groups too, allowing you a maximum amount of flexibility without increasing the complexity of your build in the least.

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