Spider Catcher Returns

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It’s been gone a long time, but finally the DGP4SL Spider Catcher returns. And now it’s ready to work with V2 of Second Life’s In-World Search.

Spider Catcher V2

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It’s About Communication .. and Trust

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Yesterday I was startled and dismayed to find that the HTML web pages generated for each Parcel in Second Life had been changed. As I wrote in my post on this issue (Another Major SL Search Borking), the net result was that all of my SEO Tools had been irrevocably broken. Imagine my surprise when I looked today to find that all of my SEO Tools are working again. After checking my email to see if anyone at Linden Lab had seen fit to notify me about the goings on, I was of course not surprised to find nothing.
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Another Major SL Search Borking

February 4, 2014 by · 4 Comments
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Are you sick and tired of being hosed yet? Have you had enough of being bent over the barrel and screwed without any purpose, notice or warning? Have you pretty much given up on being able to get ahead in Second Life? Well then join the rest of us because once again the Blunder Wizards as Linden Lab have chosen to bork In-World Search.
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Parcels Dropped from In-World Search

January 18, 2013 by · Comments Off on Parcels Dropped from In-World Search
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Once again we have another incident of many Parcels being dropped from In-World Search. This time around it appears to have happened coincident with the rollout of the Magnum RC Server software yesterday (Thursday, January 17th) as every Magnum Region I’ve checked is now gone from Search.

If you are on Magnum then I recommend checking for your Parcel using any of your Keywords. If you are using the Search Bot V2 device then it will have reported to you a message like “(Parcel Not Found in Results)”. The Rank History graph will also show a red line heading toward the bottom and a rank number of zero.

If you have been affected, please file a new BUG Report at the Second Life JIRA website. Create a new Issue and, at the bottom of the form (you’ll have to scroll down to see all the entries) make sure you select “Second Life Website” and “Search” for the two “Where” selections.

Second Life In-World Search Refresh

January 4, 2013 by · 3 Comments
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One of the resources available to Merchants and Sellers within Second Life is the In-World Search facility. While some people may be familiar with how it works and what it does, I’ve found that a lot of people treat it with a good amount of trepidation and fear. It’s really not that difficult to get control of though, as long as you understand what it does, how it works and how you can best utilize it for your business. Today’s post will serve as a refresher on the SL In-World Search facility and give you some basic pointers on how it can be used to help promote your business to prospective customers.

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The Strong Silent Type

August 14, 2012 by · Comments Off on The Strong Silent Type
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I’m a big fan of John Wayne. My wife is an even bigger fan. In fact when we got married, I had to adopt a life-sized cardboard cutout of The Duke himself. (And the first night I stumbled into him in the dark while investigating a strange noise .. I think I got my first gray hair.) But there’s a certain manner that he had when presenting that strong silent type persona. It gave those around him confidence, comfort … and made them feel that the problems, whatever they happened to be, were in the right hands.

Then we have the “Silent Type” persona exemplified by the Labbies. In complete contrast to the comforting, reassuring feeling that The Duke could instill, silence from the Labbies makes my toes curl. So some of my thoughts have been characterized as a Conspiracy Theory, and to be honest I wasn’t really serious when I framed them that way. But what else is one supposed to think when even innocent situations are stoked into total panic-fests because no one at Linden Lab can find the time to acknowledge or update the customers.

Perhaps the “Extant Think” around the Lab is “they’re just panicking again, they always panic”. But you gotta ask yourself why that is? Is it really true that this diverse population of highly educated, highly skilled professionals and adults does nothing but panic and throw hissy fits just for their own entertainment? Are they really abandoning Sims and pulling out of Second Life just because they’re whiny-ass dribble-nosers with no real backbone? Or are they tired of begging, pleading and reasoning in every manner possible just to get Linden Lab and its representatives to treat THEM with respect and professionalism? So tired in fact that they’ve learned the only way to get ANY sort of news is to dig out the pitchforks and pour some fresh kerosene on the torches?

Well anyway, I’m afraid that the persona the Lab presents when they go totally silent on a topic as crucial and wide-spread as the Parcel Traffic issue is no where near John Wayne’s trademark Strong and Silent … it’s a lot closer to “Dumb and Dumberer” with a dash of “We don’t give a damn” thrown in for spice. *sigh*

Walls Within, Walls Without

It’s no secret that Linden Lab understands exactly ZIP when it comes to communicating with their customers. I don’t have enough fingers to count the communication faux pas they’ve committed in the last 3 years alone. But even though I’ve said many times that their lack of communication skills would eventually come back to bite them in the butt, we don’t have to wait that long to see more concrete evidence that the habits of keeping mum and not sharing ultimately mission-critical information are doing pretty massive damage to the Lab and to Second Life.

Walls Within Walls Within ...

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The Issue with Traffic

Before I dive into the meat of today’s topic, I want to spend a bit of time laying the groundwork. I think it will help you better understand what I’m up in arms about this time around and how it will probably affect you in the near future.

The most basic rule of any business is to “make money”. Any business that doesn’t have money flowing in … at least in quantities large enough to match or exceed the money flowing out … that company is dancing a Minute Waltz. Any minute now that business will waltz off into the pages of history. Businesses within Second Life are no different. While there are many Merchants that set up an In-World store or go to the trouble of making a Storefront on the SL Marketplace purely for the fun of making and selling things, there are also a lot of people that take the operation of their business very seriously. Not all of those make a living off their store either. They may just be making money to spend in SL, or they might cash out from time to time but nothing big enough to live on. No matter their “Bottom Line”, they use the time and experience of setting up and running a business in SL as very real and not at all “simply a game”.

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In-World Search Went Boom!

March 16, 2012 by · 6 Comments
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Overnight, from late night on March 15th through early morning on March 16th, the In-World Search facility of Second Life went a little bit haywire. For some unknown reason sites were indexed and promptly removed from the search indices. As the outage progressed, fewer and fewer Parcels were returned in Search Results. The DGP4SL Search Bot V2 reported the ranking for a Parcel that had been dropped as “nfir” meaning “Not Found In Results”.

Fortunately, before the sun came up out in the west coast of the USA (where Second Life and its owner Linden Lab is located) the error seems to have self-corrected and all Search Results have returned to normal. Now that the anomaly has ended, it also appears that for the most part the ranking of all Parcels has been returned to the same point it was before the outage began.

As usual, those people using the DGP4SL Search Bot V2 were the first to notice the outage as their email reports began showing “nfir” for every search phrase and keyword programmed into the Search Bot V2. They were also the first to notice when In-World Search returned to normal. However, anyone attempting to use In-World Search during the outage got reports that said something to the effect of:

In any event, whatever caused it, the problem has been resolved and In-World Search appears back to normal again. Whew!

Critical News for V1 Search Bot Users

February 5, 2012 by · Comments Off on Critical News for V1 Search Bot Users
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If you are using the V1 Search Bot from DGP4SL then the following information is critical to your Rank in Search. Last year the In-World Search Dev Team announced a change in the way the Search Engine interface would be replaced by a new engine (based on the SOLR/Lucene engine) and a new API. They were nice enough to provide a bridge interface that allowed older Viewers and programmed devices to use the new Engine through the old interface.

While this was a very nice gesture on their part, it has had some unintended consequences. The method used to access the old interface is much more wasteful of network bandwidth and Search Engine resources. Because of that extra waste involved, it has been in our plans to remove all older Search Bots as soon as possible. Well that time has come.

If you are still using the older Search Bot (recognizable by its logo image as shown below then you must either remove it from use or upgrade to the newer Search Bot V2. The new Search Bot (fully described in a previous post Search Bot V2 Update Released), uses the exact same configuration Notecard now in use by older V1 Search Bots. This means that upgrading is simply a matter of copying out the old Config Notecard, removing the old V1 Search Bot then rezzing out a copy of the new Search Bot V2 and dropping the Config Notecard inside.
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