VMM – Adding My First Viewer Managed Marketplace Item

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Article on using VMMAre you still standing on the sidelines, trying to decide if you should jump into the VMM pool? Well stop wondering and jump in. I used VMM to upload six new products just yesterday. Now I’m here to explain what I did, why I did it, and how you can do it too. Rather than just provide bland step-by-step instructions though, I’ll give you the philosophy of the process along with the steps; that way you’ll know what to do because you’ll know WHY you’re doing it.

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VMM and Test Deliveries

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Now that Linden Lab has officially “migrated” everyone from the Direct Delivery method and forced the use of the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM), there are some important changes you need to know about. Most importantly one of the primary safety features has been hobbled in a way you might not realize … until it’s too late.

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The Lowly Slide Show

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Your first day in Second Life is generally spent trying not to run into things or other people. The second day is spent in open-mouthed wonderment at all the STUFF to be seen, touched, used and just plain experienced. After that you start realizing how much like “The Jetsons” Second Life can be. But for most of us, every day from the first onward is spent in the company of someone we know well. Family, friends, beneficial acquaintances … whatever the relationship, chances are good you will find moments you wish to keep forever. Presto! The size of your SnapShots folder starts to grow.

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HyperMenu Meets Virtual Landmarks

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VLMlogo2I mentioned in a recent post about the use of the HyperMenu product on my new (and still a-building) in-world store. I also made mention of the fact that the Virtual Landmarks for the previous Teleporter Store had been updated to the new locations. That means anyone owning a VLM (Virtual Landmark) to my old store can now use it to teleport directly to the new store. As the true idiot I am sometimes, it completely escaped me to build VLM support into the HyperMenu product line. But I got smart(er).

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Safe Handling of Internet Files

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Safe Handling of Internet FilesIt’s pretty common these days to hear of data breaches, virus infections and computers essentially hobbled by malware stuffed in every corner of the hard drive. I’ve found that a lot of the reason these things happen is because people lack basic knowledge of how things work. With some background information, I’ve also found that people learn rapidly not to expose themselves to risks and threats. Since I’m a lazy cuss and I’ve grown weary of teaching the world one measly human at a time … I wrote this post.

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A Troubleshooting Tip

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NOW WHAT?!?We’ve all run into this situation: While wandering around Second Life the viewer suddenly and inexplicably exits or crashes. Kaa-BOOM! No safety net, just straight to the Desktop or worse … The Dreaded Blue Screen of DEATH!! Gahhhhh!!!

So you mumble under your breath, count to 10 then launch the viewer again. And thus begins a many-day adventure of near continuous crashes. No matter what you are doing from then on, things just will not seem to work properly again. What is going on?

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Testing the New Terms of Service

Before we delve into what might happen in the future, let’s review briefly the new Linden Lab Terms of Service and how it affects the operations of the Lab’s various software titles. Other recent posts on this blog that relate to the new Terms of Service are listed at the bottom of this post HERE. The full Terms of Service is now located on the Linden Lab corporate web site and is located HERE. The section that has given everyone the most heartburn is “Section 2.3 You grant Linden Lab certain licenses to your User Content.

In specific, Linden Lab claims rights to your Intellectual Property (IP) almost exactly as though they had created it themselves. About the only thing they did not claim is the right to register a trademark or copyright for it. Section 2.3 also neatly absolves Linden Lab of any liability should a future lawsuit arise that questions the true ownership and usage rights for something you uploaded to any of the Linden Lab services. In short, anything you upload to a Linden Lab-owned service becomes theirs to use as they wish, and if any problems arise then it’s on you. (Do not be alarmed! That funky smell is axel-grease, road grime and various forms of mud while the dark black brown gunk two inches from your nose is merely the caked debris under the bus!)
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A Really Good Second Life Viewer Idea

We’re all familiar with at least one SL Viewer. An SL Viewer is the client program that runs on your PC and allows you to log into and move around inside the Second Life Virtual World. Linden Lab maintains a list of SL Viewers that are authorized to log into and interact with their platform. Of course you can also use their official viewer. All SL Viewers are incredibly difficult for most people to use because navigating around inside and using a Virtual World is a complex task. With that in mind, I’ve always been a big supporter of ideas and features that make it easier for people to use Second Life and whichever viewer they choose.

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Virtual Landmark Solutions – Virtual SLurls

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A fairly large number of Second Life® Residents are also sellers on the SL Marketplace®. They will take something they’ve built, made or scripted and place it for sale on the Marketplace. They will include product pictures, a description and various other bits of information about the product that will help potential customers make the decision to purchase.

An important but under-utilized part of the Product Listing is a field known as the “SLurl”. The purpose of the SLurl field is to direct potential customers to an in-world location where they can see the product “in the wild” … in other words, see it in-person and perhaps test it out for themselves. This is most often used for things like Structures, Furnishings, Landscaping, Decorations, Utility Devices; in short anything that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. By following the link in the SLurl field, the potential customer can gain a first-hand appreciation for the product and its unique qualities.

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Yet More Virtual Landmarks

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It’s barely been two weeks since we announced the release of our newest product, but already we’ve been tweaking and adding. *sigh* Fine! We’re never happy. Tough! But at least you all get the benefit of our manic habits. In today’s post we announce a few more things happening with Virtual Landmarks, and some that just might interest you too.

(Pssst … there’s a freebie version available now too. Read below about the new Promotional Version of Virtual Landmarks …)

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