Contacting the DGP4SL Staff

We do our best to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day of the year. However sometimes we have to do things like sleep, deal with Reality and go shopping for neat new computer toys. That means we may not always be online.

If you need to contact someone in the DGP4SL Staff, there are several ways to go. First of all there’s the ever-popular Email. You can also send any of us an In-World IM (Instant Message). Of course it also helps if you know if we’re online or not. So we’ve provided the following to help you find and contact us:

Administration and Technical Support

If you have a specific issue with any of the DGP4SL Products and you need some technical help, contact any of the following people:

Darrius Gothly

Email Darrius Gothly

Sales and Marketing

Questions about purchasing any DGP4SL Product or how to discuss any Sales or Marketing issues, please contact any of the following people:

Darrius Gothly

Email Darrius Gothly

DGP4SL Products on the SL Marketplace

We sell several different product lines at the Second Life Marketplace. Clicking any of the following will display the products in that line on the Marketplace:

  • Rental Beam – hippoRENT Plugin and Available Rentals integrates into your website
  • DG Flyer Teleporters – DG Flyer, DG Flyer ST, DG InstaFlyer, DG Rug Flyer, DG Magic Flyer, DG Sign Flyer
  • SEO Tools – Search Bot V2, Parcel Boost Freebie, Spim Prammer*
  • Business Tools – DG Online Sender, DGP4SL Online Image Sensor, DG Mailbox
  • Slide Shows – 1-Prim Fade2Black, 1-Prim Insta-Flip and 2-Panel Slideshows
  • Tip Jars and Signs – DG Profile Duty Tip Sign
  • Building Components – Venetian Blind, Sliding Vinyl Window, BioSphere Skybox
  • Miscellaneous and Freebies – DG Debug Repeater, RP Titler, Ghost Prints

* The Spim Prammer is sold directly and is not available at any store or online marketplace. Please contact Darrius Gothly for further information.

In-World Stores

Once again we have two locations In-World where you may preview and purchase the various DGP4SL products. As it happens, they are both on the same Sim too. In fact, they’re right next to each other! Amazing how that works, huh?

The Teleporter Store has been reborn and is located at Level 1 – DGP4SL Teleporter Store

We have also added an outlet for our Rental Beam product line. You can find it at Rental Beam Headquarters