Our In-World Locations

We now have two In-World Stores; one that sells our Teleporters, the other for our Rental Beam product line. We’ve relocated to the Wondering Dew Sim where both stores are located side-by-side.

The Two DGP4SL Stores

Condensed down to a single parcel on Wondering Dew, the DGP4SL In-World Presence is now contained in two stores. One features all of our Teleporter product lines. It’s rebirth was heralded in a recent blog post Rebirth of the DGP4SL Teleporter Store.

DGP4SL Teleporter Store Lower Store


You can Visit the DGP4SL Teleporter Store In-World via this link.

Rental Beam Headquarters

Located right next to the Teleporter store is the Rental Beam HQ. All of the Rental Beam products are on display, and the store even includes demos of the Rental Beam Vendors. All things Rental Beam can be found here.