Fixing the Unbroken

Well they’re at it again. Repeating a pattern that seems to be solidly entrenched in the Corporate Personality at Linden Lab, CommerceTeam Linden is readying the release of an update to the Second Life Transaction History resource. It wasn’t broken of course, but that’s all the more reason for them to invest their precious programmer time in changing it and making it incompatible with what has been working perfectly for years.
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The Fiasco Called Marketplace

Things were looking pretty promising there for a bit .. a very short bit. Direct Delivery was released, and in spite of a few disappointing first issue bugs, things seemed to be smoothing out. But then the hammer dropped on Maxwell’s head … and since then the Lab and the Commerce Dev Team have been making some very strange decisions. Strange as in “no responsible company would do that” kind of decisions. Decisions that not only throw their customers right under the bus, but seem to say they accept no responsibility for any errors in the Marketplace because they are “Legacy Issues”. That’s all well and good that the errors were happening before Direct Delivery was released, but their reappearance and massive uptick in occurrence AND the fact that it IS the Commerce Dev Team’s responsibility to ensure the Marketplace works only prove that the Commerce Dev Team needs to get hold of this now and stop trying to pass the buck onto the Merchants. Besides, the Merchants can’t fix it anyway. Allow me to explain …
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