The Failure Called “Full Ownership”

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Try this simple test: Put on a blindfold and sit down in the passenger seat of your car. Now have someone you trust take you for a short but decidedly “edgy” car ride. It should include bouncing you up and down, tossing you from side to side, and a fairly high number of moments with negative and positive High-G’s. When the ride is done, you can grade yourself using one of two methods. Either count the number of seconds it took before you ripped off the blindfold and screamed “ENOUGH!”; higher numbers are better. Alternatively you can weigh the amount of poop in your shorts; lower numbers are better.
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Getting Your Delivery Box Right

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Selling your products in Second Life is a surprisingly complicated process that involves many different activities. From making sure you have all the proper parts in the box, to setting the proper permissions, to naming things and labeling things so they make sense, it’s a sometimes tedious process of double- and triple-checking mundane details.

It’s long been our belief at DGP4SL that the real purpose of computers is to help us poor hapless humans do things better and with less error (and more speed when possible). Because computers are tireless and don’t get bored or bleary-eyed, they make excellent detail checkers. Most everyone is familiar with common spell-checkers; some folks are even experienced with grammar checkers. But very few of us are familiar with other forms of automated detail checkers.

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SL Marketplace – Where To Next?

It’s been quite some time since the Second Life Marketplace shoved the long-lived XStreet off the top of the hill and took over the daily duties of providing offline sales of products meant to be used in Second Life. During its initial planning and development a number of features were promised, suggested, dreamed about and planned that would give the Marketplace an advantage over not only its direct predecessor, but also any 3rd party competitors.

As most people know, a majority of those features have never seen the light of day. There are a number of reasons for this, but I’ve always been of the opinion that the primary reason was that they released it way too early … and way before it was “Road Ready”. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s much more clear as to why they rushed it out the door. So before we dig into the primary topic of today’s post, let’s take a brief walk down memory lane.

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Be Careful What You Wish For …

I have to start off by admitting that my thoughts are still on a whirlwind path through all the ramifications of the blogs and posts I’ve read in the past day. As often happens with me, I gather a number of “seeds” from the many sources of information I have available, then plant those seeds and allow them to grow for a bit before I reap the crop. But today’s post is a bit different in that I’ve only just planted those seeds … and already the crops are sprouting weeds that are overtaking me faster than I can chop them down and cook them up.

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Time To Push Second Life Forward – Virtual Landmarks

When Second Life debuted on the Internet Stage in the early 90’s, it pushed quite a few boundaries of technical capability that had previously been the subject of experimentation, but had not yet been available to the “Common Person” in any reasonable form. Second Life introduced people to the concept of living a complete and deep life totally within the confines of a Virtual World. Suddenly the concept exploded from the labs and back rooms of college research groups and into the hands of most anyone able to connect to the Internet.

But even though most of SL was a technical leap into future concepts, there were a number of things that remained shackled to the past. Even though it was possible for anyone to fly without the aid of a vehicle, and even though it was possible for anyone to instantly teleport to anywhere in the Virtual World, the mechanism available to remember those places was mired in the past using a technique that was out-dated before it was even released.

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Ahhh … Gotcha!

Recently Linden Lab changed the way they allow people to use and view their Bug Reporting tool. Called “JIRA”, it’s a product designed for bug tracking and revision tracking for software projects. Of all the packages out there for such a purpose, Atlassian’s JIRA software is in the upper echelon for configurability and popularity. Unfortunately that flexibility is not always used wisely.

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Sipping From A Firehose

There is an old and very crude joke that I drag out from time to time. The punchline to the joke is “… the only thing I remember seeing is that poor monkey trying to shove the cork back in.” (If you’d like to know the full joke, just send me an email via the site contact address and I’ll reply with a copy. Just be forewarned it’s definitely NSFW.)

I mention the joke because it is very much in keeping with the situation that Linden Lab could very well face in the short-term future. If LL follows through on their CEO’s comments, if CTL does change their long-standing habit of deafening silence, they can expect to spend a good part of each work day trying to shove the cork back in.

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Steam Punked

We have always, since as long as I can remember, spent a good amount of time trying to understand what on Earth has possessed the upper management at Linden Lab. By “We” I mean myself and the general blogging population out here. While some of us are content to sniff around at LL’s heels and put up any scraps they drop while calling it “reporting”, those with an actual brain in their skulls prefer trying to be out ahead of the barreling avalanche.

Sure, some of us have some pretty wild thoughts. Some of us are even accused of being mentally unbalanced. (Waves hand!) But I’m reminded of the fact that today’s best fighter jets are as nimble as they are simply because they ARE totally unbalanced … and then I feel all better. But anyway, sometimes the imbalance that passes for my thought process also sometimes comes up with stuff that just might actually be right. And that’s when I post it here and try to pass it off as reality. And so we come to today’s wild-ass theory.

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I’m Quite Frankly Befuddled … And Wrong

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(Today’s post begins with a follow-on to the latest mysterious move by Linden Lab .. the “Gagging” of the SL JIRA service. For reference please read my two prior posts on this subject: “Today Marks The End of Second Life” and “I Feel Sorry For You Rodvik“.)

I’m still frothing at the mouth about LL’s change to the way bugs are reported to them. Whereas the JIRA System was often prone to off-topic rants, flames and routinely devolved into rambling opinion-fests, they still had a vital role in the way Second Life dealt with the inevitable technical issues. It really didn’t take a lot of effort to mentally filter out the “noise” to understand the basic details of the issue. In fact, recognizing the amount and ferocity of that “noise” was usually integral to understanding the importance of an issue. After all, if a small handful of folks post cold, factual reports with complete detail and no “fluff” then it’s obviously not something that has widespread impact or that threatens basic operation of the platform for a lot of people. But an issue that immediately gets 100’s of Watchers, turns into a spit-ball fest and forces the LL crew to delete a few “improperly worded” comments … that’s an issue that someone needs to address like RIGHT NOW!

Think of it like walking through the forest. If a single bee comes out of nowhere and stings you, you’re likely to say “Ouch!” and keep right on trucking. But if a swarm of 1000 bees suddenly jumps you and starts leaving welts all over your body, that’s damn good evidence you need to change direction in a big hurry. Yup, them stings hurt, but they also certainly served well to let you know you were heading in the wrong direction.

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Today Marks The End of Second Life

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I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a Doom-Sayer and all-around fun-killer when it comes to Second Life. Some of that has been earned I guess, but until today I’ve never actually predicted the imminent demise of Second Life. Today I am doing just that. Second Life is dead. There is no more hope. Cash out your Linden Dollars as fast as you can. Backup your creations and start looking for another Virtual World to inhabit. Today! NOW!

And why is it I raise such an alarm? Why is it that today I’ve decided that we must shuffle off this virtual coil with all due haste?

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