Slow Spiral Into Demise

Back on November 11th of last year an issue was reported using the Linden Lab’s recommended method. They have specifically (and repeatedly) requested that we Customers and Residents of Second Life use their JIRA system. They’ve also requested that we provide as much detail and specificity as possible when filing a JIRA Issue. They admonish that using any other method may or may not be very reliable, and that filing an issue through JIRA was guaranteed to notify the proper parties and receive top-notch response times.

Well … that ain’t exactly what’s happened. (Suprised? You must be a newbie then.)
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Marketplace Sales Reports – An Update On The iGlom RDS

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Not that long ago I wrote about a new system I was testing called the iGlom Redelivery System (or RDS). When I first reported on it, there was a plan to implement sales reports but none had been made available yet. Well I just spent some time looking over the new Merchant Sales Reports and I’m happy to say they look sweet. I got permission from the developer to post these screenshots from the RDS Manual (available from the website).

There are six types of reports: Totaled by day, week, month, payer, receiver and product. The daily, weekly and monthly reports detail the sales by day, week or month for each product sold and can optionally include a Units Sold graph for each product. They also include two summary sections,  one that totals all sales by product for the period selected and the other that totals all sales by day, week or month. The payer, receiver and product reports can be filtered by a portion of the name.
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Delivery Problems on the New Second Life Marketplace

September 24, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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DISCLAIMER: This is going to involve some technical stuff, so if geek-speak makes your eyes bleed .. you’ve been warned.

As more and more sales are going through the new Marketplace there are ever increasing reports of delays in delivering purchases. After having worked at another Virtual Goods website and understanding what I do about Magic Boxes and how they are told to deliver items, I’m not surprised. Follow along with me for a bit and I think you’ll understand why as well.

First off the Marketplace is a “Multi-Threaded” website application. What that means in simple terms is that 100’s of people can use it at the same time. It’s written using a language and it’s based on an Open Source shopping package that provide this sort of “more than one at a time” functionality. So far, so good.

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