VMM – Understanding How It Works

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VMM - How It WorksViewer-Managed Marketplace is making quite a hit with both Sellers and Buyers at the Second Life Marketplace. The “hit” it’s making is more the absence of complaints than the usual flood of them, but in the process of turning around sometimes it’s necessary to do things kinda backward. What really matters though is that VMM is working. And now it’s up to us to learn how it works and how best to use it.

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VMM – Adding My First Viewer Managed Marketplace Item

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Article on using VMMAre you still standing on the sidelines, trying to decide if you should jump into the VMM pool? Well stop wondering and jump in. I used VMM to upload six new products just yesterday. Now I’m here to explain what I did, why I did it, and how you can┬ádo it too. Rather than just provide bland step-by-step instructions though, I’ll give you the philosophy of the process along with the steps; that way you’ll know what to do because you’ll know WHY you’re doing it.

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VMM and Test Deliveries

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Now that Linden Lab has officially “migrated” everyone from the Direct Delivery method and forced the use of the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM), there are some important changes you need to know about. Most importantly one of the primary safety features has been hobbled in a way you might not realize … until it’s too late.

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Nerfing Second Life Microbusiness

(According to This Blog Post, the problems with the Process Credit system of Second Life have now been resolved. If you are still seeing a delay greater than those specified in the post then you should file a support case and hope they get it resolved el Pronto.)

Fairly early in the maturation process of Linden Lab’s Second Life software platform, the management at Linden Lab decided it would be really neat if people using SL could actually turn their contributions to the platform into actual cash money. Users were already able to exchange the in-game tokens called “Linden Dollars” for copies of their virtual products, but LL spotted and then implemented a method to convert those tokens into outside-the-walls (meaning Real Life) cash money.

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Wanton and Willful Fraud by Linden Lab

I have been silent for several months now. During my silence I have been working on a post that would be my “welcome back” contribution. That post was to have given a few kudos to the development team that oversees the Second Life Marketplace. Alas, that post will never see the light of day now. It will remain forever a grand ideal that has been buried because of behavior by the same development team … behavior that goes beyond the merely incompetent and strides firmly into the realm of legally actionable fraud. Fraud that is not just annoying but deals with amounts of money that go well into the felony level of damages.
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Getting Your Delivery Box Right

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Selling your products in Second Life is a surprisingly complicated process that involves many different activities. From making sure you have all the proper parts in the box, to setting the proper permissions, to naming things and labeling things so they make sense, it’s a sometimes tedious process of double- and triple-checking mundane details.

It’s long been our belief at DGP4SL that the real purpose of computers is to help us poor hapless humans do things better and with less error (and more speed when possible). Because computers are tireless and don’t get bored or bleary-eyed, they make excellent detail checkers. Most everyone is familiar with common spell-checkers; some folks are even experienced with grammar checkers. But very few of us are familiar with other forms of automated detail checkers.

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SL Marketplace – Where To Next?

It’s been quite some time since the Second Life Marketplace shoved the long-lived XStreet off the top of the hill and took over the daily duties of providing offline sales of products meant to be used in Second Life. During its initial planning and development a number of features were promised, suggested, dreamed about and planned that would give the Marketplace an advantage over not only its direct predecessor, but also any 3rd party competitors.

As most people know, a majority of those features have never seen the light of day. There are a number of reasons for this, but I’ve always been of the opinion that the primary reason was that they released it way too early … and way before it was “Road Ready”. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s much more clear as to why they rushed it out the door. So before we dig into the primary topic of today’s post, let’s take a brief walk down memory lane.

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Are You Giving Stuff Away For Free?

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It’s not something we mind doing in most cases, giving stuff away for free. Loss-leaders, Freebie Promotional Items, and the like are common and useful marketing devices we all employ from time to time. But when the SL Marketplace chooses to give our stuff away for free, and especially when it chooses to give away very expensive stuff, it can be both disconcerting and very damaging.

We put our heads together and decided to do something to help combat this problem. I’ve written before about a product that I first discovered and then joined up with called the “iGlom RDS System”. Originally designed to let customers obtain redeliveries of their SLM purchases without needing to contact the Merchant directly, the RDS System has grown over time to include comprehensive sales reports, full record-keeping of sales and other advanced functions that are missing from the features offered by the Marketplace.

The new feature, an enhancement of the basic and very simple “OnRez” scripts available from various sources, combines the ability to detect and record rez, wear and attach events for your products with the full sales records of the RDS. Because it uses a database to store the events, it also provides historical data, the ability to capture and report multiple events, and correlate product purchases with customer usage.

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Sipping From A Firehose

There is an old and very crude joke that I drag out from time to time. The punchline to the joke is “… the only thing I remember seeing is that poor monkey trying to shove the cork back in.” (If you’d like to know the full joke, just send me an email via the site contact address and I’ll reply with a copy. Just be forewarned it’s definitely NSFW.)

I mention the joke because it is very much in keeping with the situation that Linden Lab could very well face in the short-term future. If LL follows through on their CEO’s comments, if CTL does change their long-standing habit of deafening silence, they can expect to spend a good part of each work day trying to shove the cork back in.

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Steam Punked

We have always, since as long as I can remember, spent a good amount of time trying to understand what on Earth has possessed the upper management at Linden Lab. By “We” I mean myself and the general blogging population out here. While some of us are content to sniff around at LL’s heels and put up any scraps they drop while calling it “reporting”, those with an actual brain in their skulls prefer trying to be out ahead of the barreling avalanche.

Sure, some of us have some pretty wild thoughts. Some of us are even accused of being mentally unbalanced. (Waves hand!) But I’m reminded of the fact that today’s best fighter jets are as nimble as they are simply because they ARE totally unbalanced … and then I feel all better. But anyway, sometimes the imbalance that passes for my thought process also sometimes comes up with stuff that just might actually be right. And that’s when I post it here and try to pass it off as reality. And so we come to today’s wild-ass theory.

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