Steam Punked

We have always, since as long as I can remember, spent a good amount of time trying to understand what on Earth has possessed the upper management at Linden Lab. By “We” I mean myself and the general blogging population out here. While some of us are content to sniff around at LL’s heels and put up any scraps they drop while calling it “reporting”, those with an actual brain in their skulls prefer trying to be out ahead of the barreling avalanche.

Sure, some of us have some pretty wild thoughts. Some of us are even accused of being mentally unbalanced. (Waves hand!) But I’m reminded of the fact that today’s best fighter jets are as nimble as they are simply because they ARE totally unbalanced … and then I feel all better. But anyway, sometimes the imbalance that passes for my thought process also sometimes comes up with stuff that just might actually be right. And that’s when I post it here and try to pass it off as reality. And so we come to today’s wild-ass theory.

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Walls Within, Walls Without

It’s no secret that Linden Lab understands exactly ZIP when it comes to communicating with their customers. I don’t have enough fingers to count the communication faux pas they’ve committed in the last 3 years alone. But even though I’ve said many times that their lack of communication skills would eventually come back to bite them in the butt, we don’t have to wait that long to see more concrete evidence that the habits of keeping mum and not sharing ultimately mission-critical information are doing pretty massive damage to the Lab and to Second Life.

Walls Within Walls Within ...

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Life as a Number

August 11, 2012 by · Comments Off on Life as a Number
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I spend a good part of every day “Listening” to the wide community of people that contribute to and populate Second Life. I read the Forums, read various Blogs and diatribes, and even spend a good part of time watching the JIRA. I do it mostly because I get some very good ideas for new products that way, but also because I like staying in touch and “in the know”. It does chew up a fair amount of time some days, but usually not that much … and the value returned for that investment is and has been very valuable.

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The Issue with Traffic

Before I dive into the meat of today’s topic, I want to spend a bit of time laying the groundwork. I think it will help you better understand what I’m up in arms about this time around and how it will probably affect you in the near future.

The most basic rule of any business is to “make money”. Any business that doesn’t have money flowing in … at least in quantities large enough to match or exceed the money flowing out … that company is dancing a Minute Waltz. Any minute now that business will waltz off into the pages of history. Businesses within Second Life are no different. While there are many Merchants that set up an In-World store or go to the trouble of making a Storefront on the SL Marketplace purely for the fun of making and selling things, there are also a lot of people that take the operation of their business very seriously. Not all of those make a living off their store either. They may just be making money to spend in SL, or they might cash out from time to time but nothing big enough to live on. No matter their “Bottom Line”, they use the time and experience of setting up and running a business in SL as very real and not at all “simply a game”.

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Changing Economics of Cable News

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Back in the halcyon days of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow, News Agencies were a separate department within the larger Network Communications Media companies. They weren’t profit centers for the Media Company, and they operated with a sense of detached isolation that allowed them to report the real news … good, bad or indifferent … no matter who or what the story was about. Not only was this isolation important to the News Agency themselves, but it was just as important, if not more so, to the people consuming the News they reported. Unbiased News wasn’t just a concept, it was their mantra.

But then in the late 1980’s, the News Reporting Department stopped being a mere department within a larger organization and started being the whole focus and reason for its existence. Ted Turner (along with others of course) saw the appetite of the consuming audience and set about to feed that hunger. His fledgling Cable News Network (what we now know as CNN) was a radical departure from the way it had always been. Then as if to validate his gamble, the first Gulf War erupted and launched the fledgling shot in the dark company into a combination of News Reporters and News Headlines themselves. (Talk about right time, right place .. wow!)
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Second Life Economics for Q2

The new Second Life Economic Metrics for second quarter have been released. Thanks to a blog post from Tateru Nino (who opens the door to lots of the best info on SL around the ‘net) I see some things that concern me. So today’s post is going to take her on-ramp post and extrapolate it a bit further to illustrate my thinking.
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