The “Cesspool” that is Second Life

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Second Life is a CesspoolThere have been a lot of words written trying to understand why Linden Lab makes the decisions they make. The term “Inscrutable” is probably the most apropos. In today’s post I present an Alternate Theory of Reality that is based purely on conjecture and imagination … but just might be more correct than any others I (or most others) have posted. But before we begin, I need to explain the term “Cesspool”.

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The “List”

Open up your dresser drawer, a cupboard in your workshop, the trunk of your car … and without much effort you can quickly organize the contents of any of those into a List. Lists are very convenient assemblies of related items arranged in some order or sequence that makes them easy to communicate, easy to manage and very easy to memorize. Lists are overall very handy. If you’ve ever been shopping, performed a task with more than two steps, or put together a kit of some sort then you’ve no doubt created and/or depended on a List. All in all, they’re very handy things.

But from time to time, we humans engage in creating a type of List that really should not be put together. It’s not that the members of the list are so unrelated as to defy arrangement in a list format, nor that organizing the members into a list does not help understand their relationship to each other. It’s more the purpose of the List, how it is created, why it is created and by what process it gets updated and managed. The type of List I’m talking about is … the “List of Very Bad People in Second Life”.

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