An “Interesting” SL Viewer Bug

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The SL Viewer and its genetic children are the magic lens by which we “Live” in the Virtual World of Second Life. When it is doing wrong things, it sullies our enjoyment and makes it more of a chore than an enjoyable pastime. That’s why bugs like I discuss today are especially important to exterminate. Sadly the Executioner for this bug seems to be taking the slow boat approach. And I’ve run into it full speed ahead.

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Ahhh … Gotcha!

Recently Linden Lab changed the way they allow people to use and view their Bug Reporting tool. Called “JIRA”, it’s a product designed for bug tracking and revision tracking for software projects. Of all the packages out there for such a purpose, Atlassian’s JIRA software is in the upper echelon for configurability and popularity. Unfortunately that flexibility is not always used wisely.

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I’m Quite Frankly Befuddled … And Wrong

September 8, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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(Today’s post begins with a follow-on to the latest mysterious move by Linden Lab .. the “Gagging” of the SL JIRA service. For reference please read my two prior posts on this subject: “Today Marks The End of Second Life” and “I Feel Sorry For You Rodvik“.)

I’m still frothing at the mouth about LL’s change to the way bugs are reported to them. Whereas the JIRA System was often prone to off-topic rants, flames and routinely devolved into rambling opinion-fests, they still had a vital role in the way Second Life dealt with the inevitable technical issues. It really didn’t take a lot of effort to mentally filter out the “noise” to understand the basic details of the issue. In fact, recognizing the amount and ferocity of that “noise” was usually integral to understanding the importance of an issue. After all, if a small handful of folks post cold, factual reports with complete detail and no “fluff” then it’s obviously not something that has widespread impact or that threatens basic operation of the platform for a lot of people. But an issue that immediately gets 100’s of Watchers, turns into a spit-ball fest and forces the LL crew to delete a few “improperly worded” comments … that’s an issue that someone needs to address like RIGHT NOW!

Think of it like walking through the forest. If a single bee comes out of nowhere and stings you, you’re likely to say “Ouch!” and keep right on trucking. But if a swarm of 1000 bees suddenly jumps you and starts leaving welts all over your body, that’s damn good evidence you need to change direction in a big hurry. Yup, them stings hurt, but they also certainly served well to let you know you were heading in the wrong direction.

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