In-World Search – Bad News and Good News

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As most everyone is aware these days, Linden Lab has announced the end of their GSA-based In-World Search service and the upcoming release of a new SOLR/Lucene based version. As these two versions are roughly associated with different versions of the SL Viewer, the GSA-based Search is commonly referred to as “V1 Search” while the new Lucene-based Search is called “V2 Search”.

Not too long ago the DG Products for Second Life (DGP4SL) SEO Tools were offline as a result of being blocked from using the Search Services at After a good bit of conversation with the LL Search Dev team, we’ve made some changes that should help performance going forward and made significant strides in getting ready for the new V2 Search as well. In today’s post I’ll address the changes released today and the path going forward as well.
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Making In-World Search More Relevant

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In several of my recent posts, I have mentioned different ways to improve In-World Search in ways that extend beyond what exists today. Basically that means adding features and functions to In-World Search that do not currently exist. While that’s a grand goal, it’s also pretty much a pipe dream. Why? Well, Linden Lab has a long-standing reputation of “Doing It Our Way”. Actually, it’s more like “Doing It Anyway EXCEPT Your Way”. Not to single them out as if they’re the only tech-based company to behave that way … because they aren’t. In fact, if anything, they are more the norm in that manner than the exception.

But with that despairingly blunt introduction, there are things that can be done without extending or adding to the existing services and infrastructure. They need to shift their perspective just a bit, gain a better understanding of what really is “Out There” (inside Second Life) and accept the well-proven truth that damage to In-World Search is directly traceable right to damage in Linden Lab’s purse. Once they do that, internalizing and implementing some of the ideas I present below should be a simple matter of “Git ‘er done!”
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New Search Magic Formula

As promised, as soon as I have a beginning idea how to rank higher in the new In-World Search, I would blog about it so others could benefit. Well, I still haven’t succeeded in getting anywhere adapting my SEO Tools to the new Search, but I’ve figured out how to make it work for you anyway. So, you wanna learn the “Magic Formula”?
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Yet Another Stab At Second Life In-World Search

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On May 25th an earthquake echoed through the commerce engine that drives the Second Life Virtual World. Seemingly still oblivious to the intimate relationship between Commerce, Second Life and Linden Lab paychecks, the Search Dev Team at LL announced a complete remake of the only advertising tool that remains within reach of the average Merchant in SL.

The tremors were set loose within a Blog article called “Test Out New Search, Delivering More Relevant, Faster Results“. I strongly recommend you take a moment to go read this Public Relations snow-job first then come back here and we’ll dig into the truth behind the bullsh*t varnish.
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