Are You Giving Stuff Away For Free?

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It’s not something we mind doing in most cases, giving stuff away for free. Loss-leaders, Freebie Promotional Items, and the like are common and useful marketing devices we all employ from time to time. But when the SL Marketplace chooses to give our stuff away for free, and especially when it chooses to give away very expensive stuff, it can be both disconcerting and very damaging.

We put our heads together and decided to do something to help combat this problem. I’ve written before about a product that I first discovered and then joined up with called the “iGlom RDS System”. Originally designed to let customers obtain redeliveries of their SLM purchases without needing to contact the Merchant directly, the RDS System has grown over time to include comprehensive sales reports, full record-keeping of sales and other advanced functions that are missing from the features offered by the Marketplace.

The new feature, an enhancement of the basic and very simple “OnRez” scripts available from various sources, combines the ability to detect and record rez, wear and attach events for your products with the full sales records of the RDS. Because it uses a database to store the events, it also provides historical data, the ability to capture and report multiple events, and correlate product purchases with customer usage.

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Who NOT To Buy From On SL Marketplace

Now that I have your attention, I need to explain what this post will NOT be. It won’t be a witch hunt, it won’t be a naming of bad people … and it won’t be a list of the people selling on the Marketplace for the sole purpose of ripping off customers. However it WILL be a compendium of tips, suggestions, techniques and clues that anyone shopping on the SL Marketplace can use to keep from wasting their money, goobering up their shopping experience and generally ruining an experience that can and should be satisfying.

Please Note: This article was written in the early days of Direct Delivery (mid-August of 2012). Since then the SL Marketplace has upgraded to Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM). Much of what is written here is out of date or flat out wrong now. Please read up on VMM before you begin trying to fix something that does not exist anymore (Magic Boxes and the Merchant Outbox for example).

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Time Travelling with RDS

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The past few weeks have seen some pretty dramatic changes in the functionality provided by RDS. What started out to be just a plain old “send another copy to…” system has rapidly morphed into a virtual Swiss-Army knife of functions and reports for Merchants selling on the SL Marketplace. Until today’s release, the advantages that RDS added to a Merchant’s toolbox were strictly limited to sales made after they subscribed. But now? Now, we can go into the past.
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The Fiasco Called Marketplace

Things were looking pretty promising there for a bit .. a very short bit. Direct Delivery was released, and in spite of a few disappointing first issue bugs, things seemed to be smoothing out. But then the hammer dropped on Maxwell’s head … and since then the Lab and the Commerce Dev Team have been making some very strange decisions. Strange as in “no responsible company would do that” kind of decisions. Decisions that not only throw their customers right under the bus, but seem to say they accept no responsibility for any errors in the Marketplace because they are “Legacy Issues”. That’s all well and good that the errors were happening before Direct Delivery was released, but their reappearance and massive uptick in occurrence AND the fact that it IS the Commerce Dev Team’s responsibility to ensure the Marketplace works only prove that the Commerce Dev Team needs to get hold of this now and stop trying to pass the buck onto the Merchants. Besides, the Merchants can’t fix it anyway. Allow me to explain …
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Ripples In The Pond

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After many long months of waiting for any word on the Lab’s upcoming major feature Direct Delivery, these past two weeks have been dominated by news of nothing else. It’s understandable because Direct Delivery will be a major revolution in how virtual goods purchased from the SL Marketplace are delivered. And yes I mean “revolution”, because even though it might seem a logical evolution, the possibilities of how it can be used and should be used going forward are capable of revitalizing Second Life … if done right.

With today’s post I am going to spend some time talking about things that we probably didn’t think about too much, and most likely Linden Labs didn’t think about either. However these things are issues that have a long-standing history in the world of Second Life.
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Delivery Problems on the New Second Life Marketplace

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DISCLAIMER: This is going to involve some technical stuff, so if geek-speak makes your eyes bleed .. you’ve been warned.

As more and more sales are going through the new Marketplace there are ever increasing reports of delays in delivering purchases. After having worked at another Virtual Goods website and understanding what I do about Magic Boxes and how they are told to deliver items, I’m not surprised. Follow along with me for a bit and I think you’ll understand why as well.

First off the Marketplace is a “Multi-Threaded” website application. What that means in simple terms is that 100’s of people can use it at the same time. It’s written using a language and it’s based on an Open Source shopping package that provide this sort of “more than one at a time” functionality. So far, so good.

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