Nerfing Second Life Microbusiness

(According to This Blog Post, the problems with the Process Credit system of Second Life have now been resolved. If you are still seeing a delay greater than those specified in the post then you should file a support case and hope they get it resolved el Pronto.)

Fairly early in the maturation process of Linden Lab’s Second Life software platform, the management at Linden Lab decided it would be really neat if people using SL could actually turn their contributions to the platform into actual cash money. Users were already able to exchange the in-game tokens called “Linden Dollars” for copies of their virtual products, but LL spotted and then implemented a method to convert those tokens into outside-the-walls (meaning Real Life) cash money.

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Steam Punked

We have always, since as long as I can remember, spent a good amount of time trying to understand what on Earth has possessed the upper management at Linden Lab. By “We” I mean myself and the general blogging population out here. While some of us are content to sniff around at LL’s heels and put up any scraps they drop while calling it “reporting”, those with an actual brain in their skulls prefer trying to be out ahead of the barreling avalanche.

Sure, some of us have some pretty wild thoughts. Some of us are even accused of being mentally unbalanced. (Waves hand!) But I’m reminded of the fact that today’s best fighter jets are as nimble as they are simply because they ARE totally unbalanced … and then I feel all better. But anyway, sometimes the imbalance that passes for my thought process also sometimes comes up with stuff that just might actually be right. And that’s when I post it here and try to pass it off as reality. And so we come to today’s wild-ass theory.

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Marketplace Sales Reports – An Update On The iGlom RDS

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Not that long ago I wrote about a new system I was testing called the iGlom Redelivery System (or RDS). When I first reported on it, there was a plan to implement sales reports but none had been made available yet. Well I just spent some time looking over the new Merchant Sales Reports and I’m happy to say they look sweet. I got permission from the developer to post these screenshots from the RDS Manual (available from the website).

There are six types of reports: Totaled by day, week, month, payer, receiver and product. The daily, weekly and monthly reports detail the sales by day, week or month for each product sold and can optionally include a Units Sold graph for each product. They also include two summary sections,  one that totals all sales by product for the period selected and the other that totals all sales by day, week or month. The payer, receiver and product reports can be filtered by a portion of the name.
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Sales are Sales are Sales

Those of you waiting for another in my series of posts on In-World Search … I’m sorry but today’s post is on a related but tangential topic. However, since I am the very best blogger in the known universe, you might as well read anyway. Shoot, you might even learn something new. (And if not, I promise I’ll give full refunds for every Monopoly dollar spent reading this. Honest!)

There are two “Camps” within the boundaries of Second Life (like we really need more opposing groups in the world) but they are firmly entrenched, have strong and sensible arguments on their sides, and tend to lock horns with each other from time to time .. usually in the spotlight of a forum or other public venue. Today’s post is my effort to offer a method of merging these two groups into one cohesive whole AND fix another of the problems plaguing Second Life and Linden Lab in the process. Yeah, I’m a dreamer. But if you’re gonna aim, aim high … right?
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Tin Foil Hat Theory – A ReBlog Sort Of

November 27, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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We all know what a Retweet is, well this is sort of a Reblog. Thanks to a fellow contributor at the Second Life Commerce Forum, I found a series of six blog articles by a very astute writer and SL Resident named Avril Korman. After reading all six parts, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s pretty much got the gist of what Linden Lab might be planning … but as usual I have some things to add and opinions on their “Target”.

First off, here are the six parts:

  1. Losing the Plot In Second Life? Introducing A Tinfoil Hat Theory About Linden Lab
  2. View This: The Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 2
  3. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory Part 3: The Rise of the Vampire Bunnies
  4. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 4: Who Do You Want to be Today?
  5. The Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory Part 5: A Skylight Suddenly Appears (But Search is Still Broken.)
  6. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 6: The Search For A Better Search Engine

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