Armchair Sansar

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Project Sansar Login Page

If you’re anything like me, you “live” in an online virtual world called Second Life. Second Life was created by and is owned by Linden Lab. Linden Lab is trying to grow bigger. Linden Lab has announced their “Next Big Thing” … and it is called Project Sansar. Also if you’re anything like me, you like to spend time thinking “how things could be…”

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Sansar – Is It Second Life V2?

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Sansar begins to take offTalk is beginning to heat up around the Grid about Linden Lab’s newest project. Working under the name “Sansar” (which apparently means “World” in Sanskrit), there is lots of debate about what it will be and what it will offer. People are confused and hunting for answers. Which is probably to the liking of the folks at Linden Lab as they are trying to keep things somewhat secret.

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Throwing the Rod a Bone

When Rod Humble joined Linden Lab some three years ago, there was a lot of hype, type and snipe going on as to what this would mean for Second Life, what it would do to Linden Lab, and what new monkey wrench he was going to beat us all into submission with. Since his initial days of open communication, periodic sightings and a few stabs at trying to make some positive changes, before long the newest sacrificial lamb to sit in the CEO chair regained his footing along the well-worn path. He went silent, stopped showing up places, stopped being the communicative spirit we had all hoped he would.

And then the crap started happening .. all over the place.
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The Failure Called “Full Ownership”

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Try this simple test: Put on a blindfold and sit down in the passenger seat of your car. Now have someone you trust take you for a short but decidedly “edgy” car ride. It should include bouncing you up and down, tossing you from side to side, and a fairly high number of moments with negative and positive High-G’s. When the ride is done, you can grade yourself using one of two methods. Either count the number of seconds it took before you ripped off the blindfold and screamed “ENOUGH!”; higher numbers are better. Alternatively you can weigh the amount of poop in your shorts; lower numbers are better.
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I Feel Sorry For You Rodvik

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In my last post “Today Marks The End Of Second Life“, I gave my interpretation and prediction for the coming year based on Linden Lab’s most recent Whisper-Quake decision. (In typical LL fashion, they gave no prior notice, announced it in very few places and in a manner that would reach the absolute minimum number of Second Life customers. Thus why I call it a “Whisper Quake”.) I also gave a very short list of what every responsible SL Merchant and Resident should be doing to protect themselves against what now appears to be the death rattles of the Second Life virtual world.

This post approaches the same circumstances but from an entirely different perspective. To my way of thinking, it’s horribly irresponsible to predict something as drastic as the imminent closure of Second Life and not also provide information about the near future of the DG Products for Second Life product line and all the wonderful customers we’ve gained over the past few years. Thus today I will endeavor to do exactly that … explain to you exactly what you can expect to see and what will happen to your investments in our products.

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Fleep’s Right-On Thoughts

Thanks to Crap Mariner’s post today, I had the intense pleasure of reading a blog post from a fellow SL’er that shook me like shoving my tongue into a wall socket .. but in a good way. Fleep Tuque (AKA Chris M. Collins) is one of those people that participated and contributed to the early days, the vitality and diversity and wonder of Second Life. In her post titled “Why Anyone Who Cares About the Metaverse Needs to Move Beyond Second Life; Now, Not Later“, Fleep captures in most elegant words the wonder and why-for that caused a lot of us to fall head over heels in love with Second Life.

If you read nothing else today, make sure you read her post. If it doesn’t have the same “smack my forehead” reaction as it did for me then you need to read it again and again and again … until it DOES make you realize … the Future is OURS to make. And with Fleep’s words to light our path, the direction is clear as can be.

Steam Powered Second Life

In case it escaped your notice, Linden Lab very quietly announced that they will soon make the Second Life Virtual World available via the online gaming portal known as Steam. If you’re not familiar with Steam and its slice of the internet-enabled population then it would be wise to take a few moments to wander around their site and get an idea of what they offer and more to the point, what they feature.

Welcome To Steam – Click to open the Steam Home Page


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Social Community, Human Beings and the Internet

In case you’ve been living in a technological cave over the past decade (and if so, why are you reading this?) the most profitable ventures on the Internet these days are those that incorporate a level of “Community” among their user base. Corporate Giants such as Facebook have grown to be the size they are because they found a way to increase the sense of Community among their customers. In fact, Facebook itself is all about Community, sometimes using gimmicks and games to try and increase the connections between people.


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That Was The Equation!

I may be dating myself with this reference, but the original Star Trek had an episode in which a giant android named Ruk (played by the same guy that played Lurch on the Addams Family) recalls and then acts on an event that occurred many eons ago. After much prodding by Captain Kirk, Ruk is able to access the events … and comes to the realization that Kirk and team (and the week’s guest star, Dr. Korby) must all be eliminated because they are inferior and illogical.

Well, the recent announcement by Linden Lab and LittleTextPeople has had roughly the same emotional recoil in me. No, I’m not looking to phaser the ST Team into randomly scattered atoms, but I am suddenly understanding some of the events of the past couple years. If you’re into reading one of my “Wall O’Text” psychological rants, dive in and maybe you’ll see the pathway through the forest the same as me.
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Marketing, Lying … and Fraud

As a young lad, one of the strongest insults a peer could level against someone was to call them a “liar”. At that tender age we didn’t realize the full range possible of deceitful utterances. As I’ve matured, I have come to understand in greater depth how people must at times say something we know to be a lie. However I’ve also learned when the line between a needful lie and a convenient lie is crossed. Linden Lab apparently erased that line some time ago and is now in a state of full denial, believing that they are immune to fallout from their own misdeeds.
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