Neurons on the Second Life Grid

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In the early heyday of Second Life, the money and marketing gurus of Linden Lab did their level best to sell the concept of a Virtual World presence to Big Businesses. Call it what you will, but they actually did a pretty reasonable job of enticing a number of those Big Businesses too. Companies like Coca-Cola, IBM and many others took on the task of building their own corporate presence inside the 3D environment of Second Life. The only problem was … they failed to actually capitalize on that investment.

There have been almost as many theories as to why those efforts failed as there are pundits to express them, but during a conversation with a friend on a totally unrelated topic the other day, a new idea … actually a new way of looking at Second Life … sort of put the whole thing into perspective for me. So being the blabbermouth (and also totally fascinated with my own perfection in my opinions LOL), I decided I’d put this idea out here and let y’all chew me up.
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Of Babies and Bath Water

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Roughly eight years ago, an idea was born onto the Internet. That idea, the brainchild of Philip Rosedale, was christened Second Life. It was one of those sociological experiments, but at the same time it was a technological experiment as well. Philip felt in his heart that using a Virtual 3D World could help bring all peoples of the world a little closer to each other; that it could alleviate some of the distance and conflict between differing peoples. He also felt that giving them the brushes and the canvas on which to paint any picture they wanted, they would grow and expand and create new things of inestimable value and beauty.

It didn’t take that long, looking back over the years now, to see that his ideals were far-reaching and difficult to obtain. But to the credit of he and his early team, they achieved a very high percentage of their initial goals. Not only that, but it turned out that a large segment of the Internet’s population agreed with those goals. They came to Second Life, took up the challenges that Second Life offered … and promptly set about building a world that amazed and enchanted many.
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Tin Foil Hat Theory – A ReBlog Sort Of

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We all know what a Retweet is, well this is sort of a Reblog. Thanks to a fellow contributor at the Second Life Commerce Forum, I found a series of six blog articles by a very astute writer and SL Resident named Avril Korman. After reading all six parts, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s pretty much got the gist of what Linden Lab might be planning … but as usual I have some things to add and opinions on their “Target”.

First off, here are the six parts:

  1. Losing the Plot In Second Life? Introducing A Tinfoil Hat Theory About Linden Lab
  2. View This: The Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 2
  3. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory Part 3: The Rise of the Vampire Bunnies
  4. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 4: Who Do You Want to be Today?
  5. The Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory Part 5: A Skylight Suddenly Appears (But Search is Still Broken.)
  6. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 6: The Search For A Better Search Engine

What follows is my analysis of Avril’s conclusion, so a Spoiler Warning is warranted here. Go read her stuff first, then come back and read my summation. (She writes well, so just do it. You’ll like it.) Continue reading “Tin Foil Hat Theory – A ReBlog Sort Of” »»

Technology as “The Goal”

(Part 3 in the Project to Save Second Life #P2SSL)

Technology is a wonderful thing. For as long as humans have been inventing tools to simplify our lives, Technology has been part of our lives. Today’s Technology is advancing at higher speeds than ever before. One need only watch a little TV or peruse the magazine rack to see how prevalent Technology is in our daily experience. But is Technology really the goal?

There is an old saying (and you know me and old sayings) that goes like this:

“If all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail”

This is especially true with today’s technology-based companies. When it comes to a company like Linden Lab and their primary product Second Life, it is not only true, it is the crux of their failing. Continue reading “Technology as “The Goal”” »»

P2SSL – Feedback Please

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(The next installment in the Project to Save Second Life)

It’s been some time since my last post. Part of the reason for that is because of various real-life issues, but also part of it has been think-time for me … trying to get a handle on what is really needed in Second Life. Now that the thoughts have gelled, I think it’s time to make the next entry. Continue reading “P2SSL – Feedback Please” »»

Lies, Liars and Corporate Fraud – Linden Lab

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Today’s post is about the Office Hours held by Jack Linden today. First go read the full transcript of that meeting here.

I attended Jack Linden’s Office Hours today .. but as you see, I did not stay long. I’ve participated in the Corporate world long enough to recognize BS when it’s being ladled out. Today, Jack Linden was using a shovel and not a ladle.

Jack stated:

[11:09:23]  Jack Linden: Not meaning to be misleading Darrius, but as I said, I can’t discuss the finer details of how search ranks.

He also stated:

[11:07:53]  Jack Linden: No search engine provider would talk about the details of how relevance is calculated

Google discusses it … in great detail. Pages and pages and pages of detail. One need only search to find all the documentation. But Jack is attempting to say “what we’re doing is standard practice.” That’s a lie. What he is actually saying is “we are purposely manipulating search for our own ends and we refuse to divulge our malfeasance.”

I have spent almost all of my SL time for the past few months studying, watching, analyzing and understanding the GSA and how it is implemented in Second Life. Every single change has been logical, predictable and calculable. Every single change until this latest one. With this latest change, the earmarks of purposeful manipulation are all over the results. Today I went to that meeting to find out if Jack Linden would express some reason for their intentional skewing of the results, but it was evident from his initial comments that his only intention was to continue to lie.

Until today, I was prepared to grant them the benefit of the doubt, to think they had a larger good motive in mind but just accidentally got it wrong. But after today I have seen the truth of their motives. Linden Lab is purposefully manipulating Search Results to grant favors of ranking to those residents they favor. With this latest change, it is clear they favor only those residents that can afford to rent Full Sims and dedicate them to a single purpose. In essence they are stating “buy a whole Sim or piss off.”

Their plan is to ensure that only the “Big Players” get to win. But in their short-sighted vision of how the market will react, they forget that the elimination of the small business will NOT increase sales by forcing people to “Sim Up” … instead it will kill off the medium and small merchants and the residents that purchase from them. They will kill off 90% of their market in order to favor the remaining 10%. Yeah, those 10% generate 50% of sales income, but once they eliminate the OTHER 50% … the 50% that comes from the small and medium merchants … they’ll still be bringing in HALF of what they are now.

I gave my word to Brodesky Linden last night that I would hold onto this information, but I’m going to break that promise … and for me that’s a VERY big deal. But this is important for everyone to know. Brodesky Linden is being fired tomorrow. NOT because of any responses on JIRA or anything to do with his performance. He is being FIRED because he has chosen to live in a state that will force Linden Lab to pay TAXES to the state. Yes, that’s right .. the ONLY person that has been in charge of every detail about the new Marketplace is BEING FIRED .. to save TAXES!

You’ve heard the bitching from LL … “Gosh we lost the only guy that knew XStreet”. Well they are PURPOSELY doing it AGAIN! And just to save a few dollars that they SHOULD PAY anyway.

Talk about underhanded and foolish ideas!!! Who will support the Marketplace now? Grant? Beast? Some as yet unhired and totally green new programmers? You think the bugs will get fixed? Guess again!!

Jack Linden put his foot in it big time today. He had a chance to be honest and express exactly what is going on with the changes, but instead he chose AGAIN to lie, spread BS and act as if “this is normal” for anyone to do. The only companies that routinely LIE to their customers and STEAL from them the way Linden Lab does .. are companies that have no morals and no ethics.

I CHALLENGE Jack Linden to post on ANY PUBLIC FORUM and SPEAK THE TRUTH! I can document 7 ways to Sunday how the Search behaves now, back it up with math, with statistics and with numbers till every decimal point is right-aligned. But I doubt Jack will respond, because to address anything I have said would be to lend it credence, and the LAST thing he wants is to let anyone see that he might be lying through his TEETH!

Changes, They Are A Comin’

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The past few months of my Second Life have produced some interesting and uplifting changes. Not only have my expertise in Search Engines and my years of Consulting experience come to the foreground, but I have carefully turned the DG Products for Second Life brand name into something a little more well-known and profitable than in years past. The rebranding of the product line, using the “headline news” moniker of DGP4SL has started to gain traction with the buying public and several of my product lines that previously languished have suddenly become more visible and even quite popular. But those good news tidbits are not the purpose behind today’s post. Rather than trumpet proudly about the recent successes, I’m going to make a different kind of statement. Continue reading “Changes, They Are A Comin’” »»

Where, Oh Where Has My Little Store Gone?

I’ve been pretty quiet lately and I suppose it’s time I explained why. The truth is, I’ve been “occupied”. No, not with anything stemming from my posts about Virtual Land and Second Life (although that did stir up some interesting responses). I’ve actually been occupied working on another facet of Second Life that seems in trouble. White Knight that I am, you just knew I had to stick my nose in it.

Search and the Google Search Appliance

Some time back, about four months so I’m told (although April seems to be a favorite time for jokes), a new venture was begun inside the hallowed halls of Linden Lab. That venture was designed to replace the existing Search Engine used to find stuff inside Second Life with Google’s newest wunderbox … the GSA 6. The goals were admirable, pull out the old iron and drop in some new-fangled and very powerful hardware that was designed from the ground up to be the end-all, do-all search appliance for corporate intranets. It should have been a turkey shoot. Needless to say, the turkeys got away without a scratch.

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Changes in the Virtual Land Market in Second Life

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One of the biggest hullabaloo’s going on in Second Life is the massive land rush. However, unlike most land rushes, this one is in reverse. People are abandoning entire Sims, Sim Owners are feeling the pinch more and more, and worst of all, the margins on land ownership are at an all time low. People are screaming that this has to stop … but no one seems to know why it’s happening or how to put the brakes on it.

Well, I have a theory (don’t I always? LOL) and in this blog I am going to lay it out for you to ponder. As usual, I may be totally off-base, but hang with me to the end anyway. I always put a cupcake at the end as a reward.

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Early Days of Hope in Second Life

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I’m going to start this blog with a disclaimer … well, more of a refining description. In the past few days I have been called a “reporter” regarding my posts on the goings on at Linden Lab. I am most definitely not a reporter. A competent and professional reporter stands amidst the fray, rarely if ever becomes involved, and files stories which are supposed to be devoid of bias or personal agenda.

Instead I am a “pundit” or “theorist” if you will. I may be standing in the fray, but I am far from detached … and I most assuredly reserve the right to slant my posts based on my own personal perceptions and conclusions. I render here my opinions of what I see happening and how I feel they will turn out. Any reporter that does that is just not doing their job properly. I think I would be doing this job poorly if I didn’t render up what I perceive and deduce.

So … with that outta the way …

Day Two – Return of the King

Perhaps it was inevitable, but I must say that I am somewhat aghast at the level and dimension of the emotions being expressed by every faction, special interest group, individual and collective involved in Second Life. There is a sort of “keep your hands off MY stuff” attitude that pervades everything said and posted. The past two years of the Kingdon Regime taught a lot of people to be fearful of anything that might be happening inside The Lab. Continue reading “Early Days of Hope in Second Life” »»

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