Second Life Photography for Lazy People

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Second Life PhotographyHow many times have you stood back and looked at your Viewer screen then thought: “If I could just get that scene captured…”? Well, I’m here to tell you how.

Log-out. Right then and there. Hit Ctrl+Q or Alt+F4 or whatever keystroke you need to use to close your SL Viewer. Now we go on a hunt.

The Last Image

Most SL capable Viewers save that last screen image to a single disk file. I use Firestorm and run on Windows 10, so my last image can be found at:


And the image file itself is named screen_last.bmp

See? (click the images for a full-size view)

Second Life Photography via Last Screen Image

More Sunset in Second Life  Photography

All you have to do is find your last image file, and there you go! An exact capture of the very perfect scene you saw rendered on your Viewer. (Second Life Photography is just more wheels on suitcases, man. I’m tellin’ ya!)