Traffic Jam!

On Tuesday, November 15th, sometime in the afternoon (Second Life Time), a fundamental mechanism of the Second Life platform … broke. Well at least the official explanation is that something broke, but after thinking about it some and looking at the collateral damage, I’m wondering just how unintentional the change and how difficult the repair.

Late Breaking News: Linden Lab has just posted this on their Second Life Grid Status blog:
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Search Bot V2 Update Released

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This update to the DGP4SL SEO – Search Bot V2 is a very important release and MUST BE USED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

Among the many improvements in Search Bot V2 1.0.4, the most important improvement has to do with how Search Bot uses the Second Life In-World Search API. In response to our requests for some simple changes to the API, Linden Lab’s Search Dev Team has made some improvements that significantly optimize our use of the Search Service.
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Thursday, July 28th, 2011 – The Day After In-World Search Changed Forever. (again)

Overnight the results presented by In-World Search have changed for everyone. Some will be ecstatic at the results, some will be decimated. Since the changes took effect (and actually since just a few hours before they kicked in) I’ve been answering IM after IM from people frantic to find out what they should do now. To be totally honest, I’m not sure yet. But then again, that’s exactly how Linden Lab wants it.
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Timetable for Changes to In-World Search

This past Tuesday afternoon, Nya Linden of the Search Dev Team made a relatively quiet but monumental post on the Second Life Forums. Titled “Search Back-end Engine Update“, the details she laid out set a concrete timeline for changes to the In-World Search service that so many Merchants depend on. As of this writing, there have been no comments or replies to her post, I think partly because it’s posted in the SL Viewer Forum, but also because I’m not sure everyone understands what it means and how it will affect them and their businesses. In today’s post, I will be digging into the full meaning and ramifications of the (rapidly) upcoming changes.
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Making In-World Search More Relevant

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In several of my recent posts, I have mentioned different ways to improve In-World Search in ways that extend beyond what exists today. Basically that means adding features and functions to In-World Search that do not currently exist. While that’s a grand goal, it’s also pretty much a pipe dream. Why? Well, Linden Lab has a long-standing reputation of “Doing It Our Way”. Actually, it’s more like “Doing It Anyway EXCEPT Your Way”. Not to single them out as if they’re the only tech-based company to behave that way … because they aren’t. In fact, if anything, they are more the norm in that manner than the exception.

But with that despairingly blunt introduction, there are things that can be done without extending or adding to the existing services and infrastructure. They need to shift their perspective just a bit, gain a better understanding of what really is “Out There” (inside Second Life) and accept the well-proven truth that damage to In-World Search is directly traceable right to damage in Linden Lab’s purse. Once they do that, internalizing and implementing some of the ideas I present below should be a simple matter of “Git ‘er done!”
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How It Should Work: In-World Search Part 2

In Part 1 (How It Should Work: In-World Search) I went through a rather extensive justification for why In-World Search is a Tool to be used by Merchants and Sellers in Second Life. If you haven’t taken the time to read that yet, please do so now. I know it’s a long read, but it will help you understand the basis for a lot of what I discuss in this post.

Now that you’re up to speed with the introduction stuff, let’s begin from this basic observation: The tools and methods for advertising your products in Second Life are paltry at best and non-existent at worst. In an environment that derives a large amount of its livelihood (and income) from a commerce driven system, that’s an omission that is unforgivable. So let’s tackle ways in which Linden Lab can remedy that problem as they relate to In-World Search.
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How It Should Work: In-World Search

I get dinged a lot by folks that insist I’m nothing but a doom-sayer. They routinely box me about the ears claiming I never say anything positive or beneficial, and that all my negative ranting does nothing good for anyone. I have a different view of course, or I’d probably not post so many negative rants … but fair is fair and I do like to give equal time to all viewpoints. (Even those that are wrong cuz they disagree with me. *grin* just kidding)

Sometime back I posted a few blogs under the category called “The Project to Save Second Life”. Well it’s time to contribute at least another one, and maybe a few more depending on how the muse feels. Tonight’s entry is about In-World Search in Second Life and how it should work (in my ever-so-humble opinion).
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Yet Another Stab At Second Life In-World Search

June 4, 2011 by · 5 Comments
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On May 25th an earthquake echoed through the commerce engine that drives the Second Life Virtual World. Seemingly still oblivious to the intimate relationship between Commerce, Second Life and Linden Lab paychecks, the Search Dev Team at LL announced a complete remake of the only advertising tool that remains within reach of the average Merchant in SL.

The tremors were set loose within a Blog article called “Test Out New Search, Delivering More Relevant, Faster Results“. I strongly recommend you take a moment to go read this Public Relations snow-job first then come back here and we’ll dig into the truth behind the bullsh*t varnish.
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The Project to Save Second Life™

October 29, 2010 by · 7 Comments
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One of the most common complaints voiced on the Second Life Discussion boards is this whole issue of “Negativity”. I think this comes about because a lot of what is posted are complaints and gripes about how Second Life (or some other LL Property) has failed, glitched, broken or just plain not done the expected thing. The central argument the “Anti-Negativity Crowd” uses is the assertion that a steady diet of “This SUCKS” does nobody any good. I agree.

Thus was born The Project to Save Second Life™. The mission of the project is to set out, in a series of “Action Statements”, exactly what should be done to “Save” Second Life. Of course, the caveat here is that “exactly” refers to my opinion. This means that whatever I propose, suggest, recommend or just plain blather about … that’s stuff I think should happen.

The goal here is to present a Positive series that outlines ways the overall product can be improved and enhanced. I want to show how, with rational and realistic changes in course, goal and execution, the Second Life platform can be made more attractive to its users (new and old) and its overall ROI improved.

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