Ripples In The Pond

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After many long months of waiting for any word on the Lab’s upcoming major feature Direct Delivery, these past two weeks have been dominated by news of nothing else. It’s understandable because Direct Delivery will be a major revolution in how virtual goods purchased from the SL Marketplace are delivered. And yes I mean “revolution”, because even though it might seem a logical evolution, the possibilities of how it can be used and should be used going forward are capable of revitalizing Second Life … if done right.

With today’s post I am going to spend some time talking about things that we probably didn’t think about too much, and most likely Linden Labs didn’t think about either. However these things are issues that have a long-standing history in the world of Second Life.
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, they’ve finally poured concrete on Direct Delivery and given it a firm release date. In their recent Forum Post about DD, CommerceTeam Linden has finally put a pushpin into the calendar and announced when it will roll out onto the Marketplace … and it’s users.
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Here Comes The Sun

The news all around the Blogosphere regarding Second Life and Linden Lab over the past couple of weeks has been extremely disappointing. My most recent posts called out the Lab on several of their more obvious blunders, and I was just one voice in a deafening cacophony of anger heaped on the Lab for taking actions that seemed purposely aimed at destroying (or at least severely diminishing) the pleasure and usability of Second Life by its long-term hard-core customers. Well, in what has hopefully been the first steps in a new direction for the Lab, there have also been a number of actions of late that might just signal a whole new dawn for the embattled virtual playground.
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