Thursday, July 28th, 2011 – The Day After In-World Search Changed Forever. (again)

Overnight the results presented by In-World Search have changed for everyone. Some will be ecstatic at the results, some will be decimated. Since the changes took effect (and actually since just a few hours before they kicked in) I’ve been answering IM after IM from people frantic to find out what they should do now. To be totally honest, I’m not sure yet. But then again, that’s exactly how Linden Lab wants it.
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Timetable for Changes to In-World Search

This past Tuesday afternoon, Nya Linden of the Search Dev Team made a relatively quiet but monumental post on the Second Life Forums. Titled “Search Back-end Engine Update“, the details she laid out set a concrete timeline for changes to the In-World Search service that so many Merchants depend on. As of this writing, there have been no comments or replies to her post, I think partly because it’s posted in the SL Viewer Forum, but also because I’m not sure everyone understands what it means and how it will affect them and their businesses. In today’s post, I will be digging into the full meaning and ramifications of the (rapidly) upcoming changes.
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DGP4SL SEO Tools Outage – 24-June-2011 – FIXED!

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NOTICE! As of approximately 10am Monday, 27th June 2011 the block has been removed. Cross your fingers that we don’t run into this again.

Sometime around 2pm SLT on Friday, 24th June 2011 all access to the secondlife.com web services was blocked by Linden Lab. Unfortunately this has rendered all routine functions of the DGP4SL SEO Tools inoperable. This is a temporary problem and should be cleared up soon.

This is NOT due to problems between Linden Lab and DG Products for Second Life. It is simply a temporary malfunction and should be remedied soon.

During the outage, all SEO Tools (Search Bot, Spider Catcher, SRAP HUD and Spim Prammer) will report Error 404 (or similar). This has been done to “clear” the channel between the two web servers. As soon as the access block is cleared, all SEO Tools will be restored to full service.

DO NOT change anything in your tools, edit the Config notecards or delete and rez new copies. This error is between two web servers and has nothing to do with any In-World Devices.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have notified Linden Lab of the error, however because this occurred late Friday afternoon, the problem may not be cleared until Monday. If you wish to help speed up the repair, please go to the Second Life JIRA and Vote / Watch the following Issue:

Access to ALL secondlife.com web services from dgp4sl.com domain have been blocked

Yet Another Stab At Second Life In-World Search

June 4, 2011 by · 5 Comments
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On May 25th an earthquake echoed through the commerce engine that drives the Second Life Virtual World. Seemingly still oblivious to the intimate relationship between Commerce, Second Life and Linden Lab paychecks, the Search Dev Team at LL announced a complete remake of the only advertising tool that remains within reach of the average Merchant in SL.

The tremors were set loose within a Blog article called “Test Out New Search, Delivering More Relevant, Faster Results“. I strongly recommend you take a moment to go read this Public Relations snow-job first then come back here and we’ll dig into the truth behind the bullsh*t varnish.
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How to Manage In-World Search on Second Life

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A number of people that depend on Second Life’s In-World Search have come to me and asked for help in optimizing their parcel or store. However a much larger number have chosen the Do It Yourself method. I’m pretty much a DIY kind of guy too, so I completely understand. But doing it by yourself only works if you truly know what you are doing. Just as you wouldn’t rent a bunch of tools and start replacing the head gasket on your car’s engine if all you’d ever done was add oil … you shouldn’t start tweaking and adjusting your Object Names and Descriptions until you have at least a basic idea of how Search works. More importantly, you need to know how it DOESN’T work … it doesn’t work immediately.
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Playing Hide and Seek in Second Life

Second Life is a big place. A VERY big place. You only need to consult the Second Life Grid Survey – Region Database (┬ęTyche Shepherd 2011) to feel a bit overwhelmed with its size. With over 31,500 Regions online, it’s not hard to get totally lost. And I don’t mean lost as in “can’t find my way home,” but lost as in “where’s waldo?” Lost in the crowd … Buried in the noise … One leaf in a forest of trees.

If you want to play Hide and Seek, Second Life is an ideal place to do it. The problem though is that most folks that are in business in Second Life want anything but to play games with their visibility. They want to be found, to be easily seen, and to be recognized for who they are and what they provide. The way they accomplish that is to set their Parcel or Store to “Show In Search.”

In Second Life, “Search” is handled by an impressive piece of technology called a GSA (short for “Google Search Appliance”). Like its similarly named big brother, the GSA crawls the entire Second Life Grid, indexing Parcels and their contents, storing all the information in its internal database. When someone uses Search to find something of interest, the GSA uses their request to look through its database and pick the most relevant results.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work …

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