The Rewards of Customer Service

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Customer Service is that ephemeral quality about a business that is tough to define in words, but crystal clear in experience. We know when we’ve been treated properly, our concerns or issues taken seriously, and our business appreciated. We also know when we’ve been discarded, disrespected and dismissed. It’s no secret that Good Customer Service is something every company should provide. But many choose not to, and their reasons range across the map. So I thought I’d perhaps convince a few of them to reconsider their decision based on my own recent experience.

This time that experience comes from the Seller / Merchant side of things, not from the usual “Customer Perspective”. Confused? Read on …

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Be Careful What You Wish For …

I have to start off by admitting that my thoughts are still on a whirlwind path through all the ramifications of the blogs and posts I’ve read in the past day. As often happens with me, I gather a number of “seeds” from the many sources of information I have available, then plant those seeds and allow them to grow for a bit before I reap the crop. But today’s post is a bit different in that I’ve only just planted those seeds … and already the crops are sprouting weeds that are overtaking me faster than I can chop them down and cook them up.

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Today Marks The End of Second Life

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I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a Doom-Sayer and all-around fun-killer when it comes to Second Life. Some of that has been earned I guess, but until today I’ve never actually predicted the imminent demise of Second Life. Today I am doing just that. Second Life is dead. There is no more hope. Cash out your Linden Dollars as fast as you can. Backup your creations and start looking for another Virtual World to inhabit. Today! NOW!

And why is it I raise such an alarm? Why is it that today I’ve decided that we must shuffle off this virtual coil with all due haste?

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Care and Feeding of the SL Marketplace Magic Box

The most critical component any SL Marketplace Merchant will use is the venerable “Magic Box”. Originally created by the author(s) of the SL Exchange virtual shopping site, the Magic Box has been the focus of many ill-tempered words. While not totally its fault, there are several quirks about the Magic Box that, once learned and used, can smooth the delivery of items purchased by your Customers.

Please note that since mid-July, 2015 the Second Life Marketplace has switched to Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM). This means the venerable Magic Box has been officially retired and should NOT be used for anything new. If you are still using one or more of these, please update.

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Slow Spiral Into Demise

Back on November 11th of last year an issue was reported using the Linden Lab’s recommended method. They have specifically (and repeatedly) requested that we Customers and Residents of Second Life use their JIRA system. They’ve also requested that we provide as much detail and specificity as possible when filing a JIRA Issue. They admonish that using any other method may or may not be very reliable, and that filing an issue through JIRA was guaranteed to notify the proper parties and receive top-notch response times.

Well … that ain’t exactly what’s happened. (Suprised? You must be a newbie then.)
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[Sent From Offline]

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One of the most misstated “Truths” about Second Life is the assertion that “my IMs got capped so I didn’t get your message.” In fact, there are some very simple things you can do to make sure you never miss an IM (Instant Message) and can even reply to them … even when you’re not logged in to Second Life. If you’ve ever sent me an IM while I was offline, chances are pretty good you’ve even seen this in action.
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Support Hose … And I don’t mean Socks

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Before I dive into today’s rant … errr .. blog, I need to let everyone know what’s going on with a different facet of my SL Experience. Search ala GSA as implemented by Linden Lab is still a mystery. However there have been some interesting developments. I can promise that news will be coming soon, and in the meantime rest assured that LL is very aware they’ve killed a good number of businesses by their attempts to “Level the Playing Field”. *shrugs* I guess knowing and caring really ARE two different things.

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