Updating Marketplace with VMM

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Article on using VMM

Viewer Managed Marketplace has been pushed into operation a bit faster than most people would have liked. But even so, it has also begun to rack up early successes at a far higher rate than either Direct Delivery or the SL Marketplace itself. Now that support for VMM is just about to be available in Firestorm, it has just as quickly become important to know how to manage your Marketplace store.

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VMM – Adding My First Viewer Managed Marketplace Item

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Article on using VMMAre you still standing on the sidelines, trying to decide if you should jump into the VMM pool? Well stop wondering and jump in. I used VMM to upload six new products just yesterday. Now I’m here to explain what I did, why I did it, and how you can┬ádo it too. Rather than just provide bland step-by-step instructions though, I’ll give you the philosophy of the process along with the steps; that way you’ll know what to do because you’ll know WHY you’re doing it.

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