The Next Linden

November 14, 2015 by · Comments Off on The Next Linden
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Ever go wandering around in Second Life? Do you often run into people, or are you basically wandering alone with no interruptions or encounters whatsoever? Well, I found out why. There’s no one at the helm!

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Sales are Sales are Sales

Those of you waiting for another in my series of posts on In-World Search … I’m sorry but today’s post is on a related but tangential topic. However, since I am the very best blogger in the known universe, you might as well read anyway. Shoot, you might even learn something new. (And if not, I promise I’ll give full refunds for every Monopoly dollar spent reading this. Honest!)

There are two “Camps” within the boundaries of Second Life (like we really need more opposing groups in the world) but they are firmly entrenched, have strong and sensible arguments on their sides, and tend to lock horns with each other from time to time .. usually in the spotlight of a forum or other public venue. Today’s post is my effort to offer a method of merging these two groups into one cohesive whole AND fix another of the problems plaguing Second Life and Linden Lab in the process. Yeah, I’m a dreamer. But if you’re gonna aim, aim high … right?
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