Fixing the Unbroken

Well they’re at it again. Repeating a pattern that seems to be solidly entrenched in the Corporate Personality at Linden Lab, CommerceTeam Linden is readying the release of an update to the Second Life Transaction History resource. It wasn’t broken of course, but that’s all the more reason for them to invest their precious programmer time in changing it and making it incompatible with what has been working perfectly for years.
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Throwing the Rod a Bone

When Rod Humble joined Linden Lab some three years ago, there was a lot of hype, type and snipe going on as to what this would mean for Second Life, what it would do to Linden Lab, and what new monkey wrench he was going to beat us all into submission with. Since his initial days of open communication, periodic sightings and a few stabs at trying to make some positive changes, before long the newest sacrificial lamb to sit in the CEO chair regained his footing along the well-worn path. He went silent, stopped showing up places, stopped being the communicative spirit we had all hoped he would.

And then the crap started happening .. all over the place.
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Nerfing Second Life Microbusiness

(According to This Blog Post, the problems with the Process Credit system of Second Life have now been resolved. If you are still seeing a delay greater than those specified in the post then you should file a support case and hope they get it resolved el Pronto.)

Fairly early in the maturation process of Linden Lab’s Second Life software platform, the management at Linden Lab decided it would be really neat if people using SL could actually turn their contributions to the platform into actual cash money. Users were already able to exchange the in-game tokens called “Linden Dollars” for copies of their virtual products, but LL spotted and then implemented a method to convert those tokens into outside-the-walls (meaning Real Life) cash money.

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The Day After ToS’morrow

First things first: I spent a good long time reading Will Burns’ post “Your World? Your Imagination“. Very cogent and very informative. Go read that first then come back here please.

What in the World is Linden Lab Thinking?

This is the question that I hope to address in today’s post. In order to determine our own personal response to this change, it really is critical that we fully understand the motivations and intentions behind it. That is of course true with any adversarial relationship; one must be in some sense a mind-reader and strive to suss out the opponent’s intentions so that they may be counter-acted or at the least survived.
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Endings … And Beginnings

August 12, 2013 by · 7 Comments
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It is true that in order for something new to begin that something old must end. As proof we offer the end of our Main Store.

For more than 3 years we’ve maintained an in-world store on the Dirty Pleasures Region. The Main Store sold a large variety of our products … in truth everything we make and sell was available there. Unfortunately time has moved along and the owner of the Sim had encountered a situation that prevented them from continuing to hold onto it.
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Wanton and Willful Fraud by Linden Lab

I have been silent for several months now. During my silence I have been working on a post that would be my “welcome back” contribution. That post was to have given a few kudos to the development team that oversees the Second Life Marketplace. Alas, that post will never see the light of day now. It will remain forever a grand ideal that has been buried because of behavior by the same development team … behavior that goes beyond the merely incompetent and strides firmly into the realm of legally actionable fraud. Fraud that is not just annoying but deals with amounts of money that go well into the felony level of damages.
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Getting Your Delivery Box Right

January 21, 2013 by · Comments Off on Getting Your Delivery Box Right
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Selling your products in Second Life is a surprisingly complicated process that involves many different activities. From making sure you have all the proper parts in the box, to setting the proper permissions, to naming things and labeling things so they make sense, it’s a sometimes tedious process of double- and triple-checking mundane details.

It’s long been our belief at DGP4SL that the real purpose of computers is to help us poor hapless humans do things better and with less error (and more speed when possible). Because computers are tireless and don’t get bored or bleary-eyed, they make excellent detail checkers. Most everyone is familiar with common spell-checkers; some folks are even experienced with grammar checkers. But very few of us are familiar with other forms of automated detail checkers.

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SL Marketplace – Where To Next?

It’s been quite some time since the Second Life Marketplace shoved the long-lived XStreet off the top of the hill and took over the daily duties of providing offline sales of products meant to be used in Second Life. During its initial planning and development a number of features were promised, suggested, dreamed about and planned that would give the Marketplace an advantage over not only its direct predecessor, but also any 3rd party competitors.

As most people know, a majority of those features have never seen the light of day. There are a number of reasons for this, but I’ve always been of the opinion that the primary reason was that they released it way too early … and way before it was “Road Ready”. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s much more clear as to why they rushed it out the door. So before we dig into the primary topic of today’s post, let’s take a brief walk down memory lane.

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Bias in Marketplace Listing Enhancements

December 22, 2012 by · 6 Comments
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A few days ago I made a rather strongly worded post on the SL Forums regarding the Bias present in the way Listing Enhancements are displayed to visitors. I have spent a fair amount of time watching and mentally noting the ads seen, but I’d never gone the extra step of actually logging and analyzing the data. Well, I’ve been raised under the credo that strong words must be backed up by facts. So today’s post is the result of that fact gathering.

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The Focus of Interest

A number of years ago, before the Dot-Com bubble burst, all the excitement in the investment and media industries was about the possibility that anyone with a half-decent idea could become an overnight success. With no more effort than some deep thinking and the right concept, an entire digital kingdom could be created and turned into a never-ending money machine. The ability to “print money” without the need for hard goods and sweaty, grinding labor was a Golden Goose worthy of chasing with every penny available.

But then the general insecurity of money people along with the inevitable missteps and bad ideas turned the Golden Goose into an albatross around the digital industry’s neck. The giant sucking sound of the investors running away was heard in every financial back room around the globe. It was logical and overall fiscally responsible, but it left the industry in an interesting predicament that persists to this day: Hunting The Fabled Golden Goose.

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