HyperMenu Meets Virtual Landmarks

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VLMlogo2I mentioned in a recent post about the use of the HyperMenu product on my new (and still a-building) in-world store. I also made mention of the fact that the Virtual Landmarks for the previous Teleporter Store had been updated to the new locations. That means anyone owning a VLM (Virtual Landmark) to my old store can now use it to teleport directly to the new store. As the true idiot I am sometimes, it completely escaped me to build VLM support into the HyperMenu product line. But I got smart(er).

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Important Pricing Changes in VLMVW

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There are always two basic perspectives when pricing a new product. They are variously known as “High Price/Low Volume” and the opposite “Low Price/High Volume”. When we first released the VLMVW System that provides our Virtual Landmarks solution for Second Life, we chose to adopt the former pricing structure. But after listening to the feedback from our customers, we have changed pricing models.

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Virtual Landmark Solutions – Virtual SLurls

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A fairly large number of Second Life® Residents are also sellers on the SL Marketplace®. They will take something they’ve built, made or scripted and place it for sale on the Marketplace. They will include product pictures, a description and various other bits of information about the product that will help potential customers make the decision to purchase.

An important but under-utilized part of the Product Listing is a field known as the “SLurl”. The purpose of the SLurl field is to direct potential customers to an in-world location where they can see the product “in the wild” … in other words, see it in-person and perhaps test it out for themselves. This is most often used for things like Structures, Furnishings, Landscaping, Decorations, Utility Devices; in short anything that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. By following the link in the SLurl field, the potential customer can gain a first-hand appreciation for the product and its unique qualities.

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Yet More Virtual Landmarks

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It’s barely been two weeks since we announced the release of our newest product, but already we’ve been tweaking and adding. *sigh* Fine! We’re never happy. Tough! But at least you all get the benefit of our manic habits. In today’s post we announce a few more things happening with Virtual Landmarks, and some that just might interest you too.

(Pssst … there’s a freebie version available now too. Read below about the new Promotional Version of Virtual Landmarks …)

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Another VLM Gizmo – The Location Beacon

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We recently added a new product to the DG Products for Second Life line called “Virtual Landmarks for Virtual Worlds” or VLMVW. The power and flexibility of the VLMVW system provides a number of valuable advantages to Store Owners and Merchants that operate In-World Store locations. VLMs also have a number of advantages for those that run exhibits, events and any type of in-world function that depends on “Foot Traffic”. A full description of the VLMVW System is contained in our previous blog post “Time To Push Second Life Forward – Virtual Landmarks”.

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Time To Push Second Life Forward – Virtual Landmarks

When Second Life debuted on the Internet Stage in the early 90’s, it pushed quite a few boundaries of technical capability that had previously been the subject of experimentation, but had not yet been available to the “Common Person” in any reasonable form. Second Life introduced people to the concept of living a complete and deep life totally within the confines of a Virtual World. Suddenly the concept exploded from the labs and back rooms of college research groups and into the hands of most anyone able to connect to the Internet.

But even though most of SL was a technical leap into future concepts, there were a number of things that remained shackled to the past. Even though it was possible for anyone to fly without the aid of a vehicle, and even though it was possible for anyone to instantly teleport to anywhere in the Virtual World, the mechanism available to remember those places was mired in the past using a technique that was out-dated before it was even released.

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