Shameless Plug Time

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Militant Moderates CSS Parent Selector MMPSWordPress™ is one of the most popular and robust CMS available today. Even better is its price: Free. Lots of people use it to host their own blogs, documentation, even their whole web site. In fact, the DGP4SL Blog (this stuff you’re reading now) is built using WordPress.

But as neat as it is, there are times when the limitations of HTML and CSS just run you right off the road. Something that seems like it ought to be way easy, turns out to be far closer to impossible. I ran into one of those limitations not too long ago. But I’m an idiot, so I didn’t stop there. Continue reading “Shameless Plug Time” »»

Whew! Finally! The Return of the DGP4SL Blog

It’s been a long time .. WAY too long .. since I’ve been able to post my thoughts, rants, kvetches and general ruminations on this blog. The reasons are many and varied (and yes, I’ll bore you with all the details) but it sure feels nice to be able to vent again. But first things first, what’s changed and why the Blog is back.
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